How To Draw Gacha Life Body?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Gacha Life: Let’s Get Started!

In the first step, you will begin by designing the head of your character by beginning with a square shape that has curving edges. After that, draw the ear by attaching a semicircle to the right side of the head where the top of the head is.

Only one of the character’s ears is seen due to the fact that they are leaning slightly to the side.

Be sure that the head is drawn so that it is centered just little above the centre of the page. This guarantees that there will be enough room for the whole of your character’s body to fit within.

The second step is to sketch a rough outline of your character’s head and body.

To give your character a neck, draw two short curved lines just beneath the head with a slight space in between them. This will be the base of the neck.

After that, sketch the clothing that your character is now wearing as the next step.

How To Draw Gacha Life Body?

Draw the left leg of your character in the next step, which is Step 3.

Create a line going vertically down the left side of the paper, below the shirt. After that, you should draw a shorter vertical line that is parallel to the first one.

After that, you should create a horizontal line at the bottom, connecting both of the vertical lines’ ends with it. As a result, the left leg of the pants that your character is wearing will now be created.

The fourth step is to finish developing both halves of your character.

To finish the pair of pants, you will need to do the step from the previous stage on the other side. At this point, your character should be completely dressed; all that’s lacking are a pair of shoes that go with the clothing that you’ve chosen for them!

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As the drawings show, we decided to keep the clothing item simple. You are, however, allowed to depict whatever kind of apparel that comes to mind. After all, it is your very own persona in the Gacha Life game!

The fifth step is to sketch a pair of shoes for your character to wear.

To build the shoes, draw a curved shape at the bottom of each leg where the foot would be. Because the individual is looking to the left, the artwork depicts both feet pointing in that direction because that is the direction the character is facing themselves. Remember it in order to prevent giving inaccurate information!

How To Draw Gacha Life Body?

You may personalize your character’s shoes in the same way that you can change their outfits and other parts of their appearance.

Draw the left and right arms of your character in the sixth step.

To build both of the character’s arms, draw a long, thin shape below each shirt sleeve. This will serve as the character’s upper arm.

Remember that the thumb is created by drawing a distinct curve at the very bottom of both arms!

In the seventh step, you will now draw the character’s hair.

Next, design the character’s hairline, which should be located above the forehead of the figure you’re working on. After that, sketch the contour of the hair that surrounds the whole of your character’s head.

It should go without saying that you may also customize the hair! You are free to draw whatever style of hair you choose, from a bob cut to long, curly hair or everything in between.

You may also braid the hair, put it in a ponytail, or do any number of other adorable hairstyles with it. This will give your character a more distinctive personality!

Drawing the Eyebrows and the Mouth is the next step, which you can find in Step 8.

It’s time to put the finishing touches on your character’s appearance by creating his or her face characteristics now that we’ve completed designing the head and the body of your character.

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To begin creating the eyebrow arch, begin by drawing two downward curving lines towards the forehead. After that, create a little smaller upward curve on your character’s face so that it seems to be smiling.

The next step is to draw a pair of enormous eyes with glittering irises.

As we go on to the eyes, begin by drawing two big standing oval shapes just beneath each brow to represent the pupils.

After that, make the top lid of your character’s eyes by enclosing the form with an angled line that is placed just above each oval shape.

After that, draw a little circle on the bottom left, a semicircle on the top right corner, and an upright oval in the centre of the pupil.

To give the eyes more expression, let’s go ahead and color in the full oval shape that we created within the pupil.

How To Draw Gacha Life Body?
How To Draw Gacha Life Body?

It’s finally time for the portion that everyone has been waiting so long for! If you like creating your character, coloring it is almost certainly going to be a lot more fun for you.

At this point, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your creative prowess and your capacity to combine and contrast a variety of hues.

It is completely up to you to decide which colors will be used for your character! However, here’s a helpful hint: all you need to do to get a hue that looks like skin is mix the colors white, yellow, blue, and red together.

It’s possible that you’ll need to apply more of a certain hue if you want to attain the complexion that you’re going for.

It is important to keep in mind that the coloring materials that are easiest to mix together, such as watercolor or acrylic paint, provide the greatest results for painting skin tones.

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Have a good time experimenting with the different colors, and then watch as your character finally comes to life!

How do you sketch Gacha life?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Gacha Life: Let’s Get Started!
To begin, design the head of your figure by beginning with a square shape that has curving edges…
The next thing you should do is sketch an outline of your character’s head and body…
Draw the character’s left leg in the next step, which is Step 3….
The fourth step is to finish developing both halves of your character.

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How do you draw the faces on anime characters?

Create the outline of a neck by extending two vertical lines in a straight line from the jawline, one on each side of the face. In order to get the desired effect of a slender neck, move the lines you draw closer to the chin. At the point where the vertical and horizontal lines meet, draw the most pointed part of the nose. Below the guideline that you made in step three, draw the eyes of the monster.

How can I modify the eyes that appear in my Gacha club?

When you first launch the Gacha Life app, you’ll be prompted to choose a character to play as. Make the necessary adjustments to the eyes that you wish to alter. You may modify the kind of eyes you wish to edit in the section designated for the eyes.

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