How To Drain Intex Pool?

The Easy-SetTM pool and the Frame-SetTM pool are two examples of the several kinds of portable pools that Intex produces. Since none of these is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a winter, the majority of people who own Intex pools take them down at the conclusion of the swimming season.

Relax and have a look at our step-by-step guide on emptying and storing your Intex pool for the winter if the idea of disassembling your pool sounds like an overwhelming and time-consuming process. How To Drain Intex Pool?

Conduct a Chemical Analysis of the Water

Conduct chemistry tests on your swimming pool to ensure that you are not losing water that has levels of chlorine or pH that are dangerously high or dangerously low. Consider where you want to drain the pool, and familiarize yourself with any regulations that may apply to the disposal of pool water.

Identify the location of the drain valve.

The drain valve may be found on the ground around the perimeter of the pool. Start a garden hose outside, positioning the end with the female connector close to the drain valve. You may then use the other end to connect it to a sprinkler and water your garden or grass (if pH is good and chlorine low). Take off the cover.

Empty the Swimming Pool

You can now completely drain the pool if you connect the female end of a garden hose to the drain connector on the bottom of the pool. If the water is going to be drained into an open area, you might want to move the hose around while it is draining to prevent erosion or oversaturation.

You may need to screw a hose adapter onto the female end of the garden hose, then thread the hose adapter into the drain valve on certain Intex pools. After that, you can drain the pool. When you unscrew the drain cap, the water won’t just rush out as it normally would because of this precaution.

How To Drain Intex Pool?

You are limited in how far upwards you can empty it since gravity is the only force at work. The smaller Intex pools will take less than 12 hours to fill, while the bigger pools will take more than 12 hours. If you want to dry, fold, and store an Intex pool, you may want to start emptying it the night before you expect to do so.

Empty the Swimming Pool

Before you can fold up your pool, it will first need to be thoroughly dried off once it has been emptied. It’s possible that doing this will be simpler if you leave the Frame SetTM pool standing so that it may dry in the air. How To Drain Intex Pool? In any other case, you could discover that a wet/dry vacuum or some towels come in handy when it comes to drying out your Intex pool.

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When the pool is dried thoroughly on the inside as well as on the walls of the exterior, the vinyl will not stay together when it is folded, nor will it develop mildew. Using talc or DE powder as a finishing step might be helpful in absorbing any remaining residual moisture. Put the drain cap back on the drain valve of your pool after you’ve used it so that it doesn’t become lost.

To store your Intex pool, fold it in half.

After folding the wall portion of the material in on both sides, pull one side of the pool over to meet the other side using two persons. The pool should now be complete. From this point forward, continue folding the paper in half until you have a long strip that is about three to four feet wide. This may be rolled or folded into a more manageable size.

Maintain an ambient temperature for your swimming pool.

Keep it away from any nesting mice, birds, or other creatures that might potentially gnaw holes in the vinyl, and try to preserve it at room temperature if at all feasible. It’s possible that a huge, brand-new garbage can that’s been cleaned well and put in the basement or garage might provide for the perfect storage space for the winter.

In addition to this, you will need to empty the pump and the filter before storing them somewhere dry and out of the weather.

How can I empty the remaining one hundred gallons out of my Intex pool?

You can use a wet/dry vacuum, or you can use a bucket and a sponge, but the majority of people just transfer the water to one side, and then using two or three pairs of hands, they pour the water over the edge. However, before you proceed with this step, you will need to deflate the top ring of the Easy SetTM pools or remove the components of the frame from the Frame SetTM pools.

Two individuals should grip the bottom of the pool on one side, and then “walk the water” to the other side of the pool. This is the simplest technique to transfer the water from one side to the other. Let the water gently drip out of the container. Before draining the pool, use a pool brush or a soft push broom to sweep the bottom of the pool to remove any film or lingering dirt. This should only be done if there is dirt or debris on the pool floor.

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What Should I Do If I’m Unable to Locate the Drain Plug?

Sometimes the caps are buried just beneath the edge of the pool, but here are some alternative methods you can drain the pool if you can’t locate them:

Siphon de la gravité

Directly submerge a garden hose or vacuum hose in the water of the pool until the full length of the hose is completely saturated with water. After it has reached capacity, tie one end of the hose to the edge of the pool using tape or twine. Ensure that 3 to 5 feet of the hose are still submerged in the pool water and are very close to the pool’s base.

Put your thumb over the other end of the hose to prevent water from escaping, and swiftly drag the whole hose over the wall (except for the 3-5 foot section). While keeping the other end of the hose capped with your thumb and keeping it low to the ground, drag the hose out to a lower region for drainage. When you get there, release your thumb while leaving the hose on the ground.

Your siphon should begin functioning as soon as the pool end is raised to a level that is higher than the discharge end. A pool vacuum hose may be used instead of a siphon to empty your pool in the same manner as the previous approach.

Submersible Pump

To drain the Intex pool, you will need either a small sump pump or a pool cover pump. Either of these pumps may be utilized. After you have connected a garden hose to the pump and plugged it in, position it at the edge of the pool’s bottom while being cautious not to drop it in.

How To Drain Intex Pool? Source: Youtube

You may get a tiny pump from a store that rents equipment, or you can choose from our extensive selection of cover pumps.

Skimmer or Return Hoses

It’s possible that you’ve already had the epiphany that you can detach the hose from the pool filter and empty the water into the drain directly next to the pool. However, this will only be successful up to the point where the return is.

When emptying an Intex pool, either by hand or with a pump, taking your time is always recommended. It is possible that you may be tempted to deflate the top ring of the Easy SetTM pool and then just roll the water out of the pool. Not only may this be hazardous to neighboring plants or mulch beds, but it also poses a threat to the pool itself, as it may tear or develop holes as a result of the process.

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The process of emptying an Intex Frame-SetTM or Easy-SetTM pool is very straightforward and only requires six steps to complete. If you are willing to put in the effort to do the task properly, your Intex pool will continue to provide you delight for many years to come.

How long does it take to empty a swimming pool using a hose from the garden?

If you can pump around 30 GPM (gallons per minute), which is also comparable to 1800 GPH (gallons per hour), draining your pool with a hose should take you 2.78 hours, which is equivalent to 2 hours and 46 minutes.

What is the best way to drain the remaining two inches of water from my pool?

Both of the ways for draining the pool water will not remove all of the water from the bottom, so you will need to remove any more liquid that is present there.

You may do this by removing the stagnant water with a wet vacuum by sucking it up.
Put the liquid down the drain by sweeping it.
To get rid of any excess water, remove the liner from the pool and place it upside down someplace else on your property.

When draining the pool, may I use the filter pump?

Draining the pool with the help of the pool filter pump.

After rolling out the backwash hose, set the filter multiport valve to the Recirculate position and turn on the pump; pay particular attention to how the pool is emptying. If you’re fortunate, the deep end of the pool will still have approximately 6–9 inches of water in it when the drain on the pool finally starts sucking air.

Is it possible to empty the pool using the pool filter pump?

Under no circumstances can the pool’s water be drained using the pump.

Is it possible to empty a pool using the pump?

Under no circumstances should you attempt to empty the pool with the pool pump. You will inevitably cause harm to your pump by sucking air into the suction line, which will result in the pump losing its prime and maybe catching fire. When draining the pool, you should always rent or acquire a submersible pump.

What is the best way to empty my swimming pool of water?

Remove the plug from the pump.
To drain the water from the filter, remove the plug located at the rear of the device.
After turning the pump back on, let the water to flow until it reaches the level at which you wish to begin draining the water.
Stop the pump and replace the stopper in the drain plug before turning the pump back on.

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