How To Do Green Screen On Capcut?

If you are seeking for the finest program to edit videos, then CapCut will be able to meet all of your requirements. This program has a very simple user interface, but it provides a large number of effects and filters that you can use to edit your movies for sharing on social media. This article demonstrates how to apply a green screen effect to previously recorded films using CapCut. How To Do Green Screen On Capcut?

Because using a green-screened video requires you to change the backdrop to either a picture or a video, CapCut provides you with two different options for doing this task. Therefore, dive right in and get familiar with the two different ways to utilize the green screen in CapCut.

Part 1: What Is the Green Screen in CapCut and How Do I Use It? [2 Methods That Have Been Recent]

Because it is the greatest editing tool, CapCut offers a variety of options for changing the background of a video with a green backdrop, much as in animated films. CapCut provides you with two different approaches, any of which may be chosen and put into action depending on your preferences.

You can remove the green background from the video and fill the space with a base clip by using the “Background Remover” option in CapCut. Additionally, if you use the “Chroma Key” option, you can pick a color and eliminate the same color throughout the video. This solution addresses the question of how to use a green screen in CapCut. On the CapCut application, the following are the processes for both of the available options.

How To Do Green Screen On Capcut?

Method 1: Eliminating the Background (Android)

The “Background Remover” option is available to users of the Android operating system, and they may use this way to replace the green screen in the video.

Install and launch the CapCut application as the first step.

You may start using the CapCut program after it has been downloaded to your Android smartphone and opened. To begin the editing process, go to the page that appears and click on the “New Project” button.

Step 2: Choose the clip that will serve as the backdrop.

Give the CapCut program permission to browse your gallery and it will choose the backdrop clip for your video for you automatically. To add it to the timeline, click the “Add” button that is located at the bottom of the screen.

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Step 3: Place the video with the green backdrop on top of the other video.

Select “Overlay” from the list of choices provided in the menu, and then select the “Add overlay” option that appears at the very bottom of the screen.

On the page of the gallery that appears, choose the film that has a green backdrop, and then click the “Add” button to incorporate it into the timeline. How To Do Green Screen On Capcut?

Step 4: Select the Remove Background option from the drop-down menu.

Now, choose “Remove Background” from the alternatives that have been provided below.

The procedure for removing the object will start operating on its own, and you will be required to wait until the procedure has been completed.

After that, you may see the video as a preview and make more edits if they are required.

Chroma Key, often known as Color Picker, is the second method.

This solution works for mobile devices running Android as well as those running iOS. Utilize this approach to learn how to utilize CapCut’s green screen to alter the color of the video’s backdrop green.

Download the CapCut application as the first step.

You may get started with the process by downloading and opening the CapCut program on your mobile device, and then selecting the “New Project” item from the menu that appears in the middle of the screen.

The second step is to choose the necessary backdrop.

Now, CapCut will show the gallery on your device, and you may choose the video clip you want to use as the backdrop for the video from among those options. In the bottom-right corner, click the “Add” button.

How To Do Green Screen On Capcut? Source: Youtube

Step 3: Pick the video you want to use by going to Overlay.

To begin editing, choose “Overlay” from the bottom menu. This will allow you to upload the video that has a green backdrop.

After that, choose the “Add overlay” option. After choosing the movie with the green backdrop, click the “Add” button to add it in the timeline.

Step 4: Using the Chroma Key tool, choose the green color.

At this point, scroll down to the bottom of the tools and choose “Chroma Key.”

Select the green color of the movie by dragging and dropping the circle-shaped selector that comes with the color picker option.

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Optional Step 5: Adjusting the Intensity and Shadow

Now, pick “Intensity” from the list of available choices that appeared after you used the selector to choose the color. You should now see a slider here that allows you to change the volume. Move it to the left or right until you have the video you want.

Repeat the steps using the “Shadow” option until you discover that the shadow and intensity are blended effectively to give an ideal green-screen effect for the film. This may be done as many times as necessary. When you are finished, you may save the changes by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the page.

After that, you might conduct more editing on the video and playback it to examine the changes that have been made. After that, save the movie to your computer, and show it to your friends by posting it on one of the many social networking websites.

Part 2: Suggestions for the Background Elimination Process

After reading about the two different approaches, you should now be familiar with how to utilize the green screen in CapCut. In this bonus section, we will provide you with the most useful information on the Intensity and Slider controls in order to personalize a movie by eliminating the default backdrop and replacing it with a different clip.


Using the slider labeled “Intensity,” you may modify the degree to which the green hue has been eliminated from the video. Additionally, using this slider allows you to control and alter even the boundaries of the color that you have selected in the movie, which results in a result that is both clear and really pleasant.

However, if you set it to 100 percent, the video could not seem very well since the appearance of the other colors in the movie might be altered as well. Therefore, just move the bar as far as necessary until you determine that the effect has been applied appropriately.


Another slider, this one for Shadows, gives you the ability to create false shadows to the borders of the video that you have green-screened. It improves the overall contour of the video while also reducing the impression that the video was spliced in from another source. Yes! This effect will provide the impression that shadows are cast, which will help your video seem more lifelike. When you move the effect’s slider, it will conform to the flaw even if the backdrop that was placed has a distinct lighting pattern.

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As a result of today’s lesson, you now know how to edit your movie using CapCut’s green screen feature. In addition, the hint that was given to you will be useful to you while you are applying the effect. I really hope that this post will provide you with everything you need to successfully edit the movie with a green backdrop.

How To Do Green Screen On Capcut?
How To Do Green Screen On Capcut? Source: Youtube

Does CapCut include a watermark in its output?

Is CapCut Capable of Creating Watermarks? The well-known video editing tool CapCut is available for mobile phones running the iOS and Android operating systems. Although it is entirely free to use, the program does include watermarks in the video editing endings and video editing templates that it provides. How To Do Green Screen On Capcut?

What exactly does “overlay” mean in CapCut?

CapCut Overlay is one of the program’s features that was designed from the ground up to work specifically with mobile devices. It allows users to superimpose many images or videos on top of one another on the same screen. This functionality may be helpful in a number of different contexts and situations. How To Do Green Screen On Capcut?

Is CapCut an app developed in China?

This video editing program was developed exclusively for the Chinese domestic market, and it has a large number of one-of-a-kind features that a lot of people are seeking for. It is an exceptionally handy piece of software.

Is there a charge for using CapCut?

CapCut is a free tool for editing videos that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. It has a number of helpful editing options that enable you to edit movies on your smartphone, which you can then publish on other networks such as Instagram, TikTok, and others.

What are the steps to modifying the backdrop in a video editor?

To get rid of the green screen backdrop, choose the option to alter the background in your video editing program and give it the instruction to do so. The backdrop that you really want to utilize for your movie should be added next. This background may be from a pre-selected template or it can be one that you create yourself. How To Do Green Screen On Capcut?

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