How To Do An Eyebrow Slit?

You may shake up your typical appearance by trying out the daring and edgy eyebrow slit trend. The hip hop era of the 1980s and 1990s is when this eyebrow style first appeared; however, it has recently had a renaissance in the year 2020. This style may be successfully pulled off by either men or women; all that is required is a little of sass and self-assurance. How To Do An Eyebrow Slit?

Meaning of the Eyebrow Slit

Eyebrow slits are purposely shaved spaces in the eyebrows; they may be used as a fashion decision or a form of self-expression. Eyebrow slits are also known as brow slots. The style was popularized in the 1980s by MC Big Daddy Kane, who was one of the first people to wear it. The style has its roots in hip-hop culture. The appearance has, through the course of time, been synonymous with gang membership or allegiance; yet, in modern times, clothing in general does not have any special meanings.

Slits Cut Into the Brows of Men

One Cut Made Through the Brow
One of the more straightforward approaches to incorporating this trend into one’s appearance, creating a single slit in one of one’s eyebrows is an excellent method to test the waters. However, Jason Momoa’s is a legitimate scar since it was caused by someone hitting him in the face with a pint glass. He is one of the most recognized faces to have an eyebrow cut. Despite this, his all-around manliness, famed physique, and overall badass vibes contributed to the look’s ascent to popularity. You won’t need to have 140 stitches in your face if you attempt it yourself, thank goodness.

How To Do An Eyebrow Slit?

Slits in both of Your Brows

You’ve got a lot of style going on with those two slits in your eyebrows. This style is more daring and reveals more about your individuality. Remember that it is preferable to maintain them at the same size and maintain an equal space between them so that they seem to be deliberate.

Combination of a Haircut Joining with an Eyebrow Slit

Combining your eyebrow slit with a cut that continues into your hair is an advanced technique that will take your look to the next level. It is most flattering when worn with a cut that has short sides and back, such as a fade, crew, buzz, or undercut. Utilizing a guide may be helpful in achieving the desired result of keeping the angle of your brow and hair the same. You might also see your barber at your next scheduled appointment and get it done properly there. This will ensure that it does not appear as like you were in a fight with a razor.

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Combination of a Haircut with a Double Slit

One other excellent option is to have a double slit that continues into your hair. Again, a skilled and steady touch will give you the greatest results, so have a conversation with your barber about what you want. It’s a fresh spin on the traditional eyebrow cut, and it works very well for men who have a more edgy sense of style. For a really badass appearance, complete the style with a skin fade and a beard that is well-kept and sculpted. When you truly want to show off your own individuality, wear earrings.

Slits Cut Across the Brow

You don’t have to limit line styles to the hair on your head; they may also be applied to your brows if you choose. Even if there is less area, you can still be creative with your eyebrow slits. This cross pattern is the excellent illustration of how you may do so. Raise the stakes by spicing things up with some glitz by means of a simple stick-on crystal. This look is fantastic for men who aren’t scared to embrace new fashion trends and aren’t frightened to be unique.

One Cut Made Through the Brow

A little cut in one of a woman’s eyebrows may make her seem extraordinarily chic and fashionable. It attracts the viewer’s attention to the eyes, as well as your excellent eyeshadow application. In addition to this, it is an excellent method for drawing attention to the arch of your brows.

How To Do An Eyebrow Slit? Source: Youtube

Slits in both of Your Brows

Get double the amount of enjoyment out of this style by sporting a double slit in your eyebrows. It gives your appearance an additional depth and works well to emphasize the arch of your brows, which in turn lifts your entire face.

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Four slits in the eyebrows

The four-way eyebrow slit is an excellent option to go for if you are going for an audacious and daring appearance. This works better on darker brows to really show off the contrast, and you will need to put in the effort to ensure that your brows are filled in and have sharp edges before you try it. On the other hand, for those women who are brave enough to try it, this is an excellent way to make a statement and bring attention to your gorgeous face.

Slit in the Front of the Eyebrow

You should wear the slit in the other direction, near the front of your forehead. Although the majority of eyebrow cuts are performed at the rear, there is no reason you can’t wear it there if you have a strong and even growth pattern at the front of your eyebrows. It is an excellent strategy for producing a one-of-a-kind twist and drawing attention to the middle of your face.

Eyebrow Slit Shaped Like a Fishtail

Why not give a fishtail eyebrow slit a go if your brow game is already great and you have the brow pencil under your control like a pro? This style is both daring and sassy, which elevates it to a whole new level. In order to fashion this look, you will need to do a single eyebrow cut and then manipulate the angles so that the front area of your eyebrows finish with an upward flick.

How to cut your eyebrow with a razor.

To cut a slit in your eyebrow, you may use either scissors, a razor, or an electric trimmer. All of these tools have their advantages and disadvantages. Tape may be used as a guide to ensure that you do not remove more material than planned.

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How to shave a split between the eyebrows?

To begin, take a spoolie and brush your brow hairs in the desired direction. The next step is to choose where you want the incision to be made, and then apply two pieces of tape across your forehead to indicate the location of the cut. Create the slit by moving the face razor or electric trimmer in very tiny strokes while keeping your hand stable and moving slowly.

What does it indicate when your eyebrows are slit?

Eyebrow slits are not just a fashion decision but also a means of self-expression; they do not have any other official purpose. The appearance has, through the course of time, been synonymous with gang membership or allegiance; yet, in modern times, clothing in general does not have any special meanings.

Do slits in the eyebrows eventually grow back?

It’s true that shaved eyebrow slits will often grow back in between two and six weeks, which means that maintaining the appearance will take some upkeep. Be aware, though, that taking the hair out by the root might lead to thinning hair, so keep that in mind if you ever pluck hairs.

How long does it take for the slits in your eyebrows to grow back?

It will take the hair in your eyebrows anywhere from two to six weeks to come back after being shaved, but it may take longer for complete growth. If you pull out your hair by the roots, it will take far more time for it to come back, and it may not grow back at all.

How to create the illusion of slits in the eyebrows

To begin, give your brows a quick brushing and fill in any sparse areas. To hide the “cut,” apply concealer over the top and bottom of your brows with a flat, angled brush. This will help the concealer blend in seamlessly. After that, take your concealer and your brush, and paint it over your eyebrow in the ideal spot to make the “slit.”

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