How To Do A Kickflip On A Tech Deck?

The ability to do a kickflip on your fingerboard is a useful skill to have in your toolbox. Because the kickflip is built upon a trick known as the ollie, it is probably beneficial to examine and practice the ollie’s technique before attempting the kickflip. How To Do A Kickflip On A Tech Deck?

Acquiring a Foundational Knowledge

To begin, place your fingers so that they are touching the board in the beginning position. The index finger is positioned directly behind the front wheels, while the middle finger is positioned slightly behind the rear wheels at the beginning of many feats. Become used to having your fingers in this position since it will be the default finger position for the majority of tricks, including the Ollie, Kickflip, Heelflip, and Impossible. So get familiar with it.

To begin, roll the board so that it is facing left. To do the kickflip, you will be going in the direction that is shown above. Alternate the speed at which you roll the board back and forth. At start, you should move slowly so that you can become used to the way the board moves. It is ideal to have some speed while you are trying to send your board into the air, but before you worry about that, you need to make sure that your fingers have a decent control on the board even when it is moving.

Place the board’s end cap on the table in an upright position. While you are rolling the board, use your middle finger to push down on the tail of the board so that it will touch the table. This lifts the front of the board, where the nose graphic resides, into the air. Rolling the board back and forth should continue, but now you should practice adding the pop. Continue to practice these fundamental motions at a reduced tempo, and then gradually pick up the pace. You want these early stages to go well so that you can focus entirely on flipping the board when you get to that point.

How To Do A Kickflip On A Tech Deck?

Changing Sides of Your Board

You may make your board airborne by rolling it to the left and then pressing down on the nose of the board. It is important to raise the board a few inches above the table in order to provide sufficient space for the board to revolve. You will have enough time and space to accomplish the flip if you allow yourself these inches of air. Bring your hand up a bit higher with each practice run to drag the board up higher into the air. This will help you become more proficient.

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When the board is in the air, slide your index finger toward the tip of the nose of the board. Your index finger will shift to the left when your board travels in the air to the left of where it is now positioned. Because a forceful flick might lead you to lose control of the board, you want to be sure that you transition with your index finger in a fluid manner. In addition to that, direct your finger toward the pocket that is found in the nose. The indentations on the nose and tail of the board, which mark the beginning of the board’s upward bend, are referred to as the “pockets.” When you practice your kickflip, setting your sights on this place can help you become more consistent and precise in your execution of the move.

While sliding toward the nose of the board, apply pressure on the edge of the board that is closest to you. When you apply just a little bit of pressure with your index finger to the edge of the board while you’re in the air, the board will rotate so that it faces you. This is the most important phase in accomplishing the kickflip successfully. The spin of the board may be controlled by applying a very little amount of pressure with your index finger. If you flick the board with too much force, it will spin erratically, and if your touch is too light, the board will not flip at all.

How To Do A Kickflip On A Tech Deck? Source: Youtube

Having Success in Touching Down

After completing the flip, catch the board while it is still in the air. After the board has begun to spin, put both of your fingers on the board so that it does not continue to revolve while it is in the air. Maintain your concentration on the board so that you may place your fingertips on the top of the deck. You have the option of catching the board once it has completed one rotation, or you can do a more remarkable trick by mastering the technique of flipping the board many times while performing the kickflip.

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Utilizing your fingertips, steer the board such that it lands on the table. You are not need to wait for the board to be brought back to the table by gravity. In point of fact, you should not just let the board fall to the ground but rather use your fingers to guide it back down. Although this needs more practice, it will allow you to maintain control of the board for the whole game.

After you’ve successfully landed, you may finish the landing by continuing to roll the board forward. It is important to make it a habit to see through the many techniques you have learned. After you have successfully completed the trick, don’t simply stop short; instead, keep the board rolling thereafter. Because of this, you will develop the ability to connect tricks one after the other, which will allow you to display an incredible repertoire of fingerboard maneuvers.

Improving Your Technique

To begin, proceed with caution. If you rush through the instructions in the beginning in an attempt to save time, you risk losing control of the board. Take some time to slow down and get your bearings. Beginning slowly will assist you in developing excellent technique with the board, so keep that in mind.

It is necessary to do each step a number of times before moving on to the next. Building up your muscle memory is the most effective technique to become skilled at anything. Because of this, you will need to spend a lot of time repeating the same thing over and over again. You may, however, apply this strategy to your fingerboarding talents by doing the same thing over and over again. This is how top sportsmen and competent musicians become experts in their fields. Repeated practice will also help you create excellent habits for this trick rather than sloppy ones, and it is important that you do this.

Add speed. Since you are now used with moving gently, you may begin to progressively increase the speed at which you do the kickflip. Instead of rushing into full speed straight once, it is recommended that you practice moving a bit faster each time you attempt the trick. Your fingers will develop used to traveling quicker this manner, and you will be able to do a kickflip with more accuracy regardless of the pace at which you are moving.

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How can you do a high flip with a Tech Deck?

A kickflip is a cool skill that you can show off to your buddies on your Tech Deck if you can pull it off. Start the kickflip by placing your pointer finger on the front of the board and your middle finger on the rear of the board. Applying pressure with your middle finger to the nose of the board while it is being rolled over a surface will cause it to rise into the air.

How To Do A Kickflip On A Tech Deck?
How To Do A Kickflip On A Tech Deck? Source: Youtube

How many different fingerboard tricks can you perform?

Fingerboard Trick List – Over 120 Tricks!

Is fingerboarding a legitimate sporting activity?

Although the United States were the birthplace of the sport of fingerboarding more than 25 years ago, Europe is where it has truly taken off as a popular pastime in recent years. The United States of America is now in second place, and it is believed that despite the fact that the European Fingerboard scene seems to be more popular, the American Fingerboard scene has similar sales.

Is Tech Deck a sport?

As the sport of skateboarding prepares to make its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games this summer, the company, which is well-known within the skateboarding community, has decided to join up with USA Skateboarding. The sponsorship will officially begin with the 2021 USA Skateboarding National Championships, which will be presented by Toyota and include competitions for skateboarding as well as fingerboarding.

How long have tech decks been around?

Before they founded Tech Deck in the beginning of 1998, Asher and Davidson understood very nothing about the skateboard business despite the many years that they had spent working in the toy sector. Outside of the typical toy distribution channels, premium skateboards may be found at specialist skate shops as well as sports goods establishments.

Who was the first person to do a kickflip?

One of the first examples of an aerial trick in skateboarding was a kickflip, which was developed by Curt Lindgren in the 1970s.

How much time is needed to learn how to execute a kickflip?

It might take you a few weeks, months, or even years before you are able to do a kickflip on your skateboard, supposing that you are already comfortable with your board. The more you train, the faster you’ll be able to do your first kickflip successfully.

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