How To Dive In Ffxiv?

In order to dive and swim underwater in Final Fantasy XIV, players must first complete the level 63 task titled “In Soroban We Trust,” which may be completed during the Main Story Quest. The first step for players is to make their way to a spot in the Ruby Sea known as Tamamizu.

The next step, which takes place after the player has spoken with Alisaie on an island, is to go inside a cave and then dive into the sea below. The mission consists of a few cutscenes, and as a result, the player does not need to put in any effort to acquire the ability to dive underwater in Final Fantasy XIV.

Players need to be in a region with water that is sufficiently deep for them to be able to submerge themselves below the surface before they may dive underwater. These kinds of places include the Ruby Sea and the big lake in the middle of the Azim Steppe.

When the player is ready to descend while riding a flying Mount, they should hit the buttons or keys that are programmed to do so while swimming in the sea. On a PC, the Spacebar and CTRL are the keys that are pre-set. Users of a controller for a PlayStation should use the Circle button, whereas users of a controller for an Xbox should use the B button.

How To Dive In Ffxiv?

In Final Fantasy XIV, players who are mounted on a mount that is capable of flight inside their current zone have the ability to fly right into the sea to do an automated dive. After the players have become acclimated to diving and swimming underwater, they will be able to participate in a variety of new activities, including one-of-a-kind side quests, the collecting of materials under the sea, and even spearfishing.

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For instance, players need to talk with Sumitsubo in The Ruby Sea at X: 28.9 Y: 15.9 in order to obtain the ability to engage in Spearfishing. At Fisher Level 61, he will give you the quest “A New Fishing Experience,” which can be obtained by saying “A New Fishing Ex-spear-ience.”

How can you go underwater in Final Fantasy XIV?

You may now explore the ocean floor by either strolling out of a portal in one of the underwater settlements or by using the Flying/Diving – Descend key (which is normally accessed by holding Ctrl while pressing Spacebar). It is the O button on the PS4 and PS5 consoles. If you happen to be flying, and you strike the water at the right angle, you can even dive right into the water if you’re in the right position.

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How can you swim in Final Fantasy XIV on the PS4?

You may go deeper into the ocean or come back up to the surface in the same manner that you would if you were flying (by pressing the button that corresponds to ascending or descending on the platform that you are using). The PS4 controller uses the triangle and circle buttons. It’s the control key and the space bar on a PC. That about wraps up all there is to know about swimming and diving in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Where can I get instructions on swimming in Final Fantasy 14?

If you are playing the game on a console, the button to press is O for the PlayStation 4 and B for the Xbox One. Simply tapping the button will cause you to be sent underwater, where you can then begin your exploration. There are other mounts that can be used underwater as well, allowing for much quicker movement. On a personal computer, you need to press CTRL and Space.

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How exactly does one get in the Isle of Bekko?

You may reach there by heading to the north coast of the Isle of Bekko, locating the middle of that shore, and then heading south via the tiny path to the coordinate, at which point you will see the cave. Once you have landed safely on the pillars, the entrance to the city will be on the right side of the screen.

Where can I find the compass of the aether?

Source. As a prize for completing the Divine Intervention quest, one may get an Aether Compass. If it is misplaced, a replacement may be purchased from Gibrillont in the Forgotten Knight in Foundation (it is possible that he will not be able to sell it to you until you have finished the task he gives you called “Drinking the Pain Away”) or from Gaufrid in Rhalgar’s Reach in The Fringes…

Where can I find Rhalgr’s streak in Final Fantasy XIV?

This long-leaved medicinal plant, which is also known as Rhalgr’s staff, may be found naturally occurring in the highlands of Gyr Abania.

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