How To Discipline A Tamagotchi?

A Tamagotchi is a portable electronic gadget that enables the user to communicate with and take care of a digital pet. Praise and correction are two forms of engagement that may be used in the process of enforcing discipline, which involves both positive and negative reinforcement.

You may cheer up your animal companion by lavishing it with praise. If your pet misbehaves, you have the option to discipline it. As you teach your pet, the Tamagotchi’s discipline rating will rise over time as a direct result of your efforts.

The next time you hear the game beep, look at your Tamagotchi. This indicates that your pet is trying to get your attention in some way.

Find out whether your pet is depressed or if it is just misbehaving. A Tamagotchi that is upset will make facial expressions that resemble sobbing or will turn its back on you. A Tamagotchi that is acting strangely will continue to move about as usual and will not need much attention from you.

How To Discipline A Tamagotchi?

After pressing the “A” button, choose the “Discipline” symbol from the menu that appears.

If your pet is upset, press the “B” button, and pick “Praise” from the drop-down menu. On the other hand, select “Punish” if your pet is trying to get your attention when it doesn’t actually need it.

Repeat this technique in order to further develop your pet’s sense of responsibility.


You may determine the discipline level of your pet by pressing “A” and choosing the meter icon from the menu that appears. In this section, you will find all of the information pertaining to your pet, including the degree to which it has been taught.

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Can you punish Tamagotchi?

With the help of the health meter, you may assess the mental state, physical well-being, and behavior of a Tamagotchi character. Press the A button to choose the lowest option. To choose a higher option, you need to hit the B button. The Tamagotchi character will be pleased with itself if you make the accurate guess.

What exactly takes place when you put your Tamagotchi through its paces?

The quantity of instruction that a Tamagotchi receives throughout the course of its life often has a direct bearing on the adult stage that it reaches. On some current releases, the total quantity of discipline has no bearing on the rate of evolution; however, if a training call is missed, this is considered a care error, and it will have an effect on the rate of development.

How To Discipline A Tamagotchi?

What is the proper way to teach a Tamagotchi?

The last step in training your Tamagotchi is to do so when it is showing signs of being upset or sobbing. You need to get to the sign of Pac-Man, then click on Praise when you get there. Your Tamagotchi will perk up almost immediately, and the amount of training it receives as a result of any of these three techniques will rise by a few bars. Over time, the difficulty level of the training bar will never decrease.

How can I turn off the sound on my Tamagotchi?

The Tamagotchi Original, like the vast majority of contemporary Tamagotchis, has a button that, when pressed, mutes the device’s speaker. When using your Tamagotchi, push the A button (the one that is one way to the left) and hold it down while pressing the C button (the one way on the right). From this location, you will only have the option to turn the sound ON or OFF.

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How long will a Tamagotchi survive if it is not looked after?

It is similar to the requirements of having an actual pet in that it needs constant care, food, and attention. If it is forgotten about for more than five or six hours throughout the day, it will become stale and useless. The company that makes the toy, Bandai, claims that it does not genuinely perish.

To what degree does a Tamagotchi need one’s attention?

The moral of the tale is that you should not hatch a Tamagotchi unless you can guarantee that you will be able to give it your full and undivided attention for at least the next one hour.

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