How To Disable Talkback Without Settings?


Disable TalkBack


All Motorola phones, with the exception of the DEFY XT; all Pixel phones produced by Google;


Simply pressing the power button will activate your device.
To unlock the secure menu, touch the lock symbol at the very top of the screen twice.
If you have a PIN or password lock, type the PIN or password slowly, and then push the submit arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen.
If you need to backspace, you need to twice touch the back arrow in order for it to backspace one character. If you do not do this, it will only backspace zero characters.
You may open your App Drawer by double-tapping the icon for it or by sliding your two index fingers upwards.

How To Disable Talkback Without Settings?

To reach the Settings app, first press the Settings app, and then double-tap Settings.
Scroll all the way down to Accessibility by using two fingers.
Double-touch the Accessibility button after the first press to choose it.
Double-touch TalkBack after the first press to choose it.
Double-tap the Toggle button located next to Use service to make your selection.
Double-tap the screen after selecting with the OK button.

Extra Notes Here and There

To deactivate TalkBack on an iOS device that has the accessibility shortcut enabled, just hold down both volume buttons for three seconds simultaneously.

See the following for information on how to enable or disable the TalkBack shortcut: How To Disable Talkback Without Settings?

How can I disable TalkBack on my Android device if I don’t have any settings?

You may locate both of your device’s volume buttons on the side of it. Keep pressing and holding both of the volume keys for a total of three seconds. Pressing both volume buttons simultaneously for three seconds will let you to confirm whether you wish to turn TalkBack on or off.

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How To Disable Talkback Without Settings? Source: Youtube

How can I completely disable the TalkBack feature?

Navigate to the TalkBack option under Settings > Accessibility.
Tap the Settings icon located at the very bottom of the screen.
Uncheck all of the choices that are shown on the TalkBack Settings page, and then hit the Back button.
You are need to disable the TalkBack service if it is currently active.

In TalkBack mode, how can I unlock my phone to use it?

There are numerous methods available to unlock your smartphone if you have a password or a personal identification number (PIN):
Swipe up with two fingers from the bottom of the lock screen to unlock the device.
You may unlock the device with either your fingerprint or your face.
Discover by feeling around. Find the unlock button in the screen’s middle section near the bottom, then double-tap it.

I don’t understand what my phone is saying to me.

It’s possible that you activated TalkBack without meaning to while you were setting up your phone. TalkBack is an application that was developed to provide those with visual impairments with audio input. During the first setup of your phone, if you found that TalkBack was on by mistake, you may deactivate it. TalkBack may be turned off instantly on any device running Android 8 or a later version.

How do I disable TalkBack on my Huawei if I don’t have access to the settings?

To turn off TalkBack in EMUI 4. X or EMUI 5. X, go to the Settings menu, then Accessibility, then Advanced Settings, and finally TalkBack. EMUI 3.1: To turn off TalkBack, go to Settings > Accessibility > TalkBack in the menu bar.

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Why aren’t you able to disable TalkBack just yet?

You will notice an opportunity to activate an Accessibility shortcut for TalkBack on your phone while you are in the process of setting it up. If you have it enabled, then you can simply use the volume controls to turn TalkBack off whenever you want. Find the keys that control the volume on your smartphone. Keep pressing and holding both of the keys for the volume for a total of three seconds.

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