How To Destroy Dodoking Wall?

What is the mission of Destroyed the painted walls of Dodo-King in Genshin Impact?

This is a side task that may be accessed when you are in the Archipelago of the Golden Apple. At first look, it may not seem to be that challenging; yet, it does have its share of challenges. You will need to be quick enough to master the usage of the Harpastum blessed by the wind in order to finish it, but we are going to teach you how to finish the ruined task of the painted walls of Dodo-King in order to make things simpler for you.

How To Destroy Dodoking Wall?

How to complete dodo-king’s painted walls destroyed ques in Genshin Impact?

The first thing that you need to do is travel to the large island that is located to the west of Twinning Isle. Once there, you will need to locate the beach that is located on the western side of the island. After that, you will need to search for the floating symbol that glows red close to one of the painted walls.

Interacting with the symbol while wearing an Arpastum device that has been blessed by the wind is what you need to do to begin the mission. Once the challenge has begun, you will need to position yourself in the bright square in front of the wall. Launch the Harpastum with the E key to make the ball come towards you, and use the attack to bounce the ball towards the wall until you break it. Be careful not to leave the plaza, otherwise you’ll have to begin building that wall from the beginning again.

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When you have successfully broken through the wall, you will need to head to the left in order to proceed to the search marker on the second wall. Once you have reached the search marker on the second wall, you will need to repeat the previous steps until you have reached the final wall, at which point you will need to repeat the steps once more.

In a little under a minute and a half, you will be able to claim the prize that is held inside the Precious Chest if you are successful in destroying the three walls while also eliminating the foes that are in close proximity to the walls.

Be careful to keep track of all of the Harpastum that are rolling in your direction, and try to avoid striking the balls from the front, if at all possible.

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Since this is all the information you need to know about how to finish the Dodo-Painted King’s Walls Destroyed Quest in Genshin Impact, we hope that you will be able to finish this quest as soon as possible and make the most of the prize that you get. Put the chest where it belongs.

How do you break Dodoking walls?

To start the task, you need to throw a Wind-Blessed Harpastum and make contact with the Dodo-Painted King’s Wall. Make use of your Dodoguard to bring back the Wind-Blessed Harpasta and attack the Painted Wall that the Dodo-King has erected. After a specific amount of hits have been racked up, you will be able to bring down the Wall and claim the benefits associated with doing so.

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How do you destroy painted walls in Genshin impact?

You need to make sure that you are standing in the glowing square in front of the wall as soon as the challenge begins. By hitting the E button, you may throw the Harpastum towards it, and the ball will come bouncing back towards you. Make use of your assault to throw the ball back towards the wall, and keep doing so until it shatters into pieces.

How do you break the golden apple archipelago?

A minigame called Painted Ground and Painted Wall may be found at this location. Hit “E” to throw the Harpastum device, and as it comes bouncing back toward your character, press the left mouse button to cause it to collide with the wall. As soon as the wall falls, you will engage in combat with a few monsters.

How do you paint walls in minigame?

Given that it is a gadget, you may find it under the Gadget Tab on your account. The next stage is to go inside the glowing square that is directly in front of the Painted Wall. Take out the Harpastum, position it so that it points towards the Painted Wall, and then let it loose. The objective of this little side game is to repeatedly hit the ball against the wall until it shatters.

Will the Golden Apple Archipelago be permanent?

As if it wasn’t already interesting enough, the well-known Genshin Impact leaker UBatcha disclosed that the islands in the Golden Apple Archipelago do not at this present have a time restriction. Even while this might alter after the game is released, it does give the impression that the islands could potentially be a permanent element.

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