How To Delete Groupme Chats?

It’s possible that you discovered GroupMe while researching the many messaging app alternatives available to you. This app is available for no cost, and it may be used on a wide range of different devices. It is a practical approach to maintaining relationships with one’s friends and family.

However, since since the app was first introduced in 2010, there have been some worries about it. For instance, if there are any conversations or messages that you no longer want to save, is there a straightforward method to do so? How To Delete Groupme Chats?

Read through our concise instruction manual on how to delete conversations on GroupMe to get the solution to your query.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Group Chats on GroupMe

On GroupMe, one is unable to erase a whole conversation for some inexplicable reason. Since the debut of the product, there have not been any improvements made to solve this problem, despite the fact that a large number of consumers have asked for this option. You do, however, have access to a few more choices that might prove to be of use to you.

How to Delete All of Your Previous Conversations in GroupMe

Do you have conversations that are now inactive that you used to use? It’s possible that clearing your chat history is one approach to get rid of the discussions you don’t want to keep. To do that, please follow the instructions outlined below.

Launch the GroupMe app on the device you’re using.

How To Delete Groupme Chats?

Find the conversation in the chat history that you wish to remove, then click or touch on it to open it.

Choose “Settings” from the menu that appears when you choose the chat icon.

Tap or select the “Clear Chat History” option that may be found in the “Settings” menu.

There will be a popup that appears for confirmation. After you confirm your selection by clicking the “Clear” button, the conversation history will be removed.

Note: Depending on the device you are using, the “Settings” button can be situated in a different part of the screen than what was described above.

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How to Keep a Conversation Private in GroupMe

Depending on the device, there are a few different ways to conceal a communication. Find the gadget that you possess down below and then follow the steps that are associated with it.

Windows PC

Find the conversation that you want to conceal from view.
Choose an alias for use in the conversation.
Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu, and then choose “Hide Chat” from that option. You will not be able to see the conversation on your computer any more.
Did you change your mind? Follow these steps if you want to unhide a chat:

Launch GroupMe and choose “Open Navigation” from the menu that appears.
If you choose “Archive,” you will be able to see the list of conversations that have been masked.
Choose the conversation whose visibility you want to restore.
Choose the avatar for the conversation.
You may unhide the chat by selecting the “Unhide Chat” option after clicking the “Settings” button.

Android Devices

Open the GroupMe app on your mobile device, whether it a phone or a tablet.

Find the conversation that you want to conceal from view.

Tap and hold to listen.

At the very top, you’ll see an icon that says “Hide Chat.”

If you tap it, your conversation will immediately begin to be saved.

Apple’s iPhones and iPads

Launch GroupMe and go to the conversation you want to conceal.
Swipe left on that conversation, then tap the “Hide” button at the bottom of the screen.
This conversation will no longer be shown to you on the list of chats.
To reveal a hidden conversation, do the following steps:

To open the navigation, choose “Open” from the menu.
Pick the “Archive” option.
In the “Hidden Chats” tab, look for the conversation that you wish to reveal.
Click the “Unhide” button that’s next to it.
Please take into consideration that the “Open Navigation” option may not appear for you if you are using a different version of iOS. In such case, go to the very top and pick “Chat.”

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Messages in GroupMe

GroupMe conversations do not allow for the deletion of sent messages. You will only be able to conceal them on your own device. If that’s something you’re interested in, the instructions are below.

When you access the chosen conversation, look for the message that you want to conceal and click on it.

Right-click the message on a computer to delete it. Tap the screen while holding it down on a mobile device.
From the menu, choose the option to “Hide/Hide Message.”
Please follow these instructions in order to display the concealed messages once again.

Launch a conversation and then tap or click the chat avatar to interact with it.
To access the settings menu, press or click the “Settings” button.
Select the “Unhide Hidden Messages” option from the drop-down menu.
Be aware that if you log out of your account and then get back into it, you will also have the ability to unhide messages.

How to Delete Hidden Chats in GroupMe

You are unable to erase conversations in GroupMe, regardless of whether or not they are hidden. If you are the owner of a conversation, you are the only one who may terminate it. For more instructions, please refer to the following section.

How to Erase Conversations Completely in the GroupMe App

In GroupMe, it is not possible to erase a conversation after it has been started.

Nevertheless, you have the option to disband the group. This will not only delete all of the messages, but it will also delete the whole group. If you decide that this is what you want, the directions are below for you to follow.

How To Delete Groupme Chats? Source: Youtube

Launch GroupMe on the device you’re using.
Choose the conversation with the group that you want to leave.
To join the conversation, click on the picture.
Choose “Settings.”
You will find the “End Group” and “Leave Group” choices at the very bottom of the page. Confirm your selection after selecting one of the alternatives.
Simply leaving a group will allow you to rejoin it at a later time. However, after the group has been terminated, you will no longer be able to reverse this action.

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If I delete my GroupMe chat history, will it be deleted from everyone’s account?

It doesn’t. When you erase your conversation history on GroupMe, the information will only be removed from your own device. The messages that are included inside the chat will continue to be seen by the other participants in the discussion.

Which of My Electronic Devices Does GroupMe Support?

GroupMe is compatible with PCs running the Windows operating system, smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system, and iPhones and iPads running the iOS operating system. You may also access your chat using web browsers, albeit this access method will not provide you with access to all of the features. For instance, if you launched the GroupMe app on the web, you won’t have the option to conceal the conversations.

Can I Delete the Chat History for Individual Conversations as Well as Group Conversations?

Yes. You have the ability to delete the chat history on your device, regardless of whether you were participating in a two-person discussion or a group chat.

Are the Chats Going to Stick Around?

If you are not the owner of the group that you are a member of on GroupMe, you do not have much control over the messages that you receive. You have the ability to erase or conceal your chat history on your own device, but only on that device. However, it is still possible for others to see your communications. On the other hand, if you are the owner of the group, you have the ability to terminate the group and remove all of your communications.

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