How To Delete Address From Amazon?

You may quickly erase one of your previous addresses from your Amazon account, making it so that you will not see it in the list of addresses you use for placing future purchases. You can do this either on your desktop computer or using the mobile app on your iPhone or Android device. How To Delete Address From Amazon?

The procedure is as follows.

Delete addresses on Amazon on your desktop

Go to the section of your Amazon account labeled “Your Addresses.”
After choosing the email address you no longer want to use, click the “Remove” button. Your account will be updated immediately to reflect the removal of the address.
If you have removed your default address, you will be required to pick a new one by clicking on the link that is located just below the address.
You may delete addresses using the Amazon app on your mobile device.

How To Delete Address From Amazon?

Delete addresses on Amazon on the mobile app

Launch the Amazon app on your smartphone or tablet, and then choose the Account symbol from the menu that appears (the second icon on the bottom row.)
After selecting “Your Account,” go to the “Account Settings” menu, and then choose “Your Addresses.”
After selecting the address you no longer want to use, choose “Remove” from the menu. Your email address will be removed from our system right away.

It is important to keep in mind that even if you remove an address on Amazon, the delivery address will not be updated on any of the purchases that you already have open. If you have an open order and would want to alter the delivery address for it, you may do so by going to the page where you can edit your order information.

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If your item has already been dispatched, the shipping address that you provided during checkout cannot be changed. Instead of completing the transaction, you will need to cancel it and then re-buy it with the right shipping address included this time.

Where can I go on Amazon to discover an address?

In order to add addresses and manage them: Proceed to the addresses listed.

… Adding Addresses and Managing Them
To add a new address, choose Add address. …
Select either the Edit or Delete button located underneath the address that you wish to alter in order to make any necessary changes.
To make an address your default one, pick the link that corresponds to it underneath the address.

Where can I get the address for Amazon Prime?

1260 Mercer Street, Seattle, Washington, 98109

What are the steps I need to take to set up my delivery address on Amazon?

Navigate to the General Shipping Settings menu option. In the area labeled “Default shipping address,” look for the Edit button. Click the plus sign to add a new address, or click the edit button next to an address entry to make changes.

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Does Amazon have a physical location for their billing?

The billing address will be shown on the online invoice, which you can either see on line or print directly from the website. You have the choice to do either. If our collections department determines that an account needs payment, only then will a bill be issued to the billing address provided.

Where exactly do I send the payment?

An address that is linked to your credit or debit card account is referred to as the “billing address.” For instance, if you apply for a credit card online, the address you provide during the application process will be used as your billing address. A billing address appears exactly like a street address.

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What is an Amazon delivery address and what is an Amazon billing address?

When placing a purchase, you will need to provide a shipping address to indicate where the package should be sent. The address that is linked to the customer’s chosen form of payment is known as the billing address.

What is the best way to contact Amazon?

Instructions for contacting Amazon’s customer support through email. If you would rather communicate with Amazon by email, you may reach them at

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