How To Defeat Waterblight Ganon?

Because of the serious nature of the situation, Ganon has sent one of his incarnations to deal with you. Be wary because Waterblight Ganon wields a terrifying spear with an incredible reach, so you will need to be prepared for him. How To Defeat Waterblight Ganon?

When he is at a distance, he will hurl his spear with an incredible amount of power. When he is up close, he will either attempt a lunge, a big sweep, or thrust his spear into the earth to generate a shockwave.

You have a wide variety of options available to you for dealing damage to him, including using any of the weapons you possess (spear and thrown weapons work best due to their ability to reach his floating form) or using any of the bows and arrows you possess, as hits to his eye deal critical damage and may stun him.

Your Cryonis Rune is, however, one of the most useful items in your arsenal. You have the ability to summon pillars anywhere you want because the room is flooded, and not only do your pillars have the ability to block his attacks, but they also have the ability to shatter his spear. This forces him to teleport to a different location and reassemble it in an expensive animation that allows you to strike whenever you want.

How To Defeat Waterblight Ganon?

If you see that Waterblight Gannon is preparing an attack that you are unable to avoid, you should immediately conjure an ice block to use as a shield in order to defend yourself. You may also take refuge behind the main console, since the enemy will be unable to attack you from that vantage point.

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When his health drops to half, Waterblight Ganon will switch things up. You will be forced to battle on a smaller area of ground because he will rise up four platforms and flood the remainder of the room. Additionally, he like floating in the air, which makes it much more difficult to strike him. In addition to his spear tossing and sweeping, he will also call out ice blocks very much like the ones you saw outside of the Divine Beast.

The good news is that your Cryonis Rune is just as useful as it was before, allowing you to not only shatter any ice block that he throws at you but also create bridges between platforms, fire arrows at him with your bow, and dodge his attacks by jumping away when he strikes back. If you are able to hit him in the eye with your sniper rifle, you have a good chance of stunning him, which will cause him to tumble into the water and give you free reign to attack him with your weapons.

Take heart in the event that you run out of weapons or ammunition; even if they don’t do much harm, you may still employ Remote Bombs to injure him a tiny bit at a time even if they don’t do much damage themselves. Simply construct a number of ice platforms in the area close to his position, wait till he calls forth ice blocks, and as soon as he destroys them, immediately leap onto an ice block and throw a bomb in his direction.

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Which of these weapons is the most effective against Waterblight Ganon?

When it comes to doing damage to Waterblight Ganon, arrows are by far the most effective weapon, particularly if you aim for his blue eye. In the event that you still possess any Shock Arrows, now would be the moment to use them. You may also do a respectable amount of damage with bomb arrows or any other elemental arrows you have available to you.

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Who knows what Waterblight Ganon’s Achilles heel is?

It wields a spear and uses icy magic in its strikes. The eye and horns of Waterblight Ganon, like like those of the other Blight Ganons, are his Achilles’ heel. It is possible to knock Waterblight Ganon to the ground and give Link the chance to attack while he is dazed by landing consecutive hits to either place with arrows.

What is the minimum number of arrows required to defeat Waterblight Ganon?

It’s not simply so you can go inside the Divine Beast that you’ll be told to collect 20 shock arrows before you battle this monster; there’s a good reason for this.

If you don’t have any arrows, how do you kill Waterblight Ganon?

You don’t have to worry about Waterblight Ganon attacking while the block is still in the air since he won’t do it while the block is still in the air. You should face Waterblight Ganon and strike the ice block as many times as you can while you are in this position. If you aim it perfectly, it will fly right into the face of Waterblight Ganon, knocking him out cold. Dec 18, 2017

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Does Waterblight Ganon have a weakness to ice arrows?

Arrows of shock and fire are the most effective against him. The effectiveness of ice arrows is the lowest of all the types of arrows, and normal arrows are also useful. If you hit Waterblight Ganon with a few well-placed headshots, he will fall to the ground and be rendered immobile for a few seconds.

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