How To Defeat The Graveward Borderlands 3?

The Graveward is one of a kind since his body is riddled with vulnerabilities in all different locations. On his chest, hand, and head, they appear as yellow spheres that flow together and create a pattern.

When attacked, they deliver damage multipliers of 1.4 (chest), 1.2 (head), and a staggering 2.5 (both hands and right arm). How To Defeat The Graveward Borderlands 3?

Throughout the course of the fight, Graveward will use a variety of different techniques. The following describe each of these:

When you grab the arena and tilt it at an angle, you’ll slide down quite rapidly, so you’ll need to be ready to move and leap to avoid falling. If you can, climb down into one of the craters on the ground and try to ride it out there.

Energy ball projectiles take the appearance of floating green balls that are corrosive and must be avoided and navigated between in order to avoid being hit by them. Due to the fact that this takes place when the arena is slanted, it might be challenging. It is important to keep in mind that Graveward will always start the battle with these two actions.

How To Defeat The Graveward Borderlands 3?
  • A smash strike with the left hand; you should avoid being in its way since it has the potential to do significant damage. Move back and aim your shots towards his glowing hand, since this is one of his vulnerable areas.
  • When he throws a straight punch with his right arm, you should once again step back and concentrate your fire on his hand.
  • A two-handed slam move – To perform this move, you will need to take a step back and pay attention to the glowing areas on the ground. These are the locations where Graveward will smash his hands down. When he finally lets go of his hands to fire at the luminous head, position yourself in the middle of them. This is another another area in which we struggle. Radiation damage is dealt by each and every one of these punches and hooks.
  • When Graveward uses this move, you should get as far away from him as possible since he will spew hazardous trash. Grogs, some of which are corrosive Badasses, will arrive during this move; hence, you should be prepared to deal with them.
  • A sweeping fire beam – This is a strong move that covers a significant portion of the arena, which means that there is not much you can do here other than to weather it by having adequate health and shields and to powerslide beneath it as it passes. You may also approach the wall from behind and make an effort to jump over it, but even if you succeed, this will almost certainly do some flammable damage. The second phase of Graveward’s assault will begin after one-third of its remaining health has been depleted.
  • Graveward unleashes numerous beams of fire from glowing spots on his head, which then strike the middle of the arena. This version of his fire beam attack.
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Borderlands 3 The Graveward

The adversaries and bosses in Borderlands 3 are each one of a kind and often deranged because to the game’s extensive level design options. One of the most infamous is known as “The Graveward,” and it is a creature that the Eridians have condemned to an endless captivity in a vault. The Floating Tomb is the name of the underground chamber where this beast may be found. It is located on the grounds of the Jakobs Estate.

Graveward has been held imprisoned for decades by the Jakobs family, and by the time you, a traveling Vault Hunter, come into contact with the beast, it is yearning for a battle. This is made very evident by its gluttonous conduct and the challenging nature of the challenge. Graveward has quickly become a popular favorite among players, especially when it comes to farming. This is likely due to the fact that he provides both exciting gameplay and a large quantity of valuable loot.

This monster is encountered rather late in the game, which means that there is a strong possibility that you will be reasonably well-prepared for this battle. Nevertheless, if you walk into this conflict without any prior knowledge, it may be difficult to emerge victorious due to the enormous size of this beast and the force with which he moves. This guide will work as a basic blueprint that will emphasize Graveward’s location, traits, as well as recommendations on how to efficiently beat him. It will also serve as a resource for information on how to combat other enemies.

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Where Is It Possible To Locate The Graveward?

On Eden-6, the Graveward is buried under the Jakobs Estate. You may access it via the Jakobs Estate. At the end of Chapter 16, which is titled “Cold as the Grave,” this dreadful beast waits in the shadows.

In order to access the Vault Key in the Floating Tomb, you will first need to take it from Tannis and then lower yourself down through the huge hole that is close to the key. This is the battlefield in which you will engage in combat with The Graveward. To start the combat, place the key on the pedestal in front of you.

How To Defeat The Graveward Borderlands 3? Source: IGN

What is the most straightforward approach to putting an end to Graveward?

Always direct your attacks at the luminous yellow spots on his head, chest, and hands since they are the portions of his body that are most vulnerable. If you power slide underneath his beam strike, you will take far less damage than you would have otherwise. When he gives off the impression that he is ready to throw up, you should make a beeline towards the other side of the space.

Who or what does Graveward struggle most against?

The term “Normal Hit” may be used interchangeably with “Consecutive Hits.” Corrosive has a low amount of effectiveness on flesh, and Graveward has a very high level of resistance to the various elements.

To take on Graveward, what minimum level do you need to be?

If you are about level 50, you will be able to kill Graveward in less than twenty seconds. This is assuming that you have a full health bar. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the fact that it will begin the battle by tilting the arena, which is something that can be easily avoided as long as you anticipate it.

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Which of the several bosses in Borderlands 3 is the most beneficial to farm?

Graveward is one of the most advantageous bosses to farm in the game due to the fact that you have the option to spawn right adjacent to the arena in which he fights. In addition to this, the battle against Graveward may be rather simple, and with the appropriate build, it can even be finished out in a matter of seconds.

What does Graveward mean?

The direction toward or orientation toward the grave is the meaning of the word graveward.

Where exactly is Borderlands 3’s Floating Tomb located?

On the surface of Eden-6, in the game Borderlands 3, you’ll find a site known as the Floating Tomb.

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