How To Defeat Captain Flameheart?

Players in Sea of Thieves will go up against Captain Flameheart and his Ghost Fleet in the game’s newest World Event. The challenge is broken up into four different waves of increasing complexity. How To Defeat Captain Flameheart?

In Sea of Thieves, Captain Flameheart has come with his fleet of Ghost Ships.

Players will need to collect their crew in order to halt and destroy Captain Flameheart and his fleet. In Sea of Thieves, gamers may team up with their pals to form a pirate crew and compete against other pirate crews while completing quests for various trade businesses. Major World Events are introduced by the developers at Xbox Game Studios, and these events are represented in the sky by enormous clouds.

These are often significant battles against bosses like skeletons, ghosts, lords, or the kraken, which need the collaboration of a large number of players. A single server will often only ever have one World Event going on at any one moment.

The arrival of Captain Flameheart will be signaled by the appearance of an orange cloud in the sky. This will often take place close to any Large Island in any of the three primary sections of the map, at which point the ships of the Ghost Fleet will begin to circle the island.

As soon as the Crew gets closer to the Event and the Fleet, Captain Flameheart will start making fun of them. It may be difficult to vanquish the Ghost Fleet since the fleet itself consists of four waves, each of which contains more powerful ships up to the flagship of Flameheart, the Burning Blade. In Sea of Thieves, the following are some helpful hints on the defeat of Captain Flameheart’s Ghost Fleet with a Crew.

How To Defeat Captain Flameheart?

Strategies for Conquering Flameheart’s Ghost Fleet in Sea of Thieves

When the event is underway, participants are required to steer their ships in the direction of the enormous floating head of Captain Flameheart. The fight will start as soon as the players are in close enough proximity to the Ghost Fleet. Other Crews are free to enter the battle at any moment, either to work with the initial Crew to defeat Captain Flameheart or to compete with them for their riches.

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Players will engage in combat with Grunt Ghost Ships during the first phase of the war. Only three direct strikes from a cannonball are necessary for each ship to be destroyed, but the enemy ships will also fire Ghostly Cannonballs and dump Ghost Mines in front of the Crews’ ships. Even though they are simple to kill, there are a large number of them, and they have the potential to swiftly overwhelm players. The most effective tactic for dealing with this wave is to switch between tasks such as bailing water, operating the cannon, and repairing damage caused by Ghostly Cannonballs and Mines in a rotating fashion. To complete the initial wave of enemies, players must vanquish seven Grunt Ghost Ships. Some of the ships that are destroyed will drop Storage Crates of the Damned. These crates include cannonballs and wooden planks in them, which may be utilized to repair and reload your cannon.

During the second wave, the Crew will engage in combat with four Ghost Ships total: two Ghost Captain Ships outfitted with Ashen Dragon sails and two more Grunt Ghost Ships. The Ashen Dragon Ships are noticeably more resilient, despite the fact that these Ghost Grunt Ships are an identical replica of the ones that were included in the initial wave. They must take ten strikes to the body in order to be defeated. They also have more powerful guns, which make it easier for them to destroy the ship that the Crew is using. It is necessary for players to sink both of the Ashen Dragon Ships in order to complete the wave. The Ghostly Treasures that have been dropped by the Ashen Dragon Ships should be collected by the players.

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Players will need to kill seven more Grunt Ghost Ships in order to move on to the third wave of the Ghost Fleet. This wave is essentially identical to the first. This is the greatest moment to pick up any Storage Crates of the Damned and utilize their contents before proceeding to the last wave, which is the most challenging of the bunch.

The last wave of the Ghost Fleet includes the arrival of Captain Flameheart‘s ship, along with two Ashen Dragon Captain Ships. The Burning Blade, Flameheart’s ship, must take 24 direct hits to be destroyed and, similar to the Ashen Dragon Captain Ships, is capable of doing significant damage to a Crew’s vessel. Even though the wave will finish after the players have vanquished the Burning Blade, they have the opportunity to increase their treasure and loot haul by taking down the Ashen Dragon Ships beforehand. Again, players should put their attention into mending their ship, bailing water, and shooting their weapons at the Burning Blade and Ashen Dragon Ships in order to destroy these three ships. The cannon fire of the players should be varied in order to strike all three ships. After it is vanquished, the Burning Blade will leave behind around 15 standard pieces of Ghostly Treasure, one Captain Skull of the Damned, and one Cannonball Crate of the Damned.

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Are you capable of taking on Captain Flameheart?

Many new players are going to stumble onto his fleet, and they are going to perish before they realize what has occurred. Even with the solitary sloop, it is possible to engage in combat with the Captain, despite the fact that it may be difficult and laborious. This article will explain where to look for Flameheart’s fleet and how to fight it.

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How do you put an end to Flameheart?

Sail to the outpost located at Morrow’s Peak. (Image courtesy of Rare) Navigate your way to Liar’s Backbone. … Set sail for Devil’s Thirst. (Image courtesy of Rare) (Image courtesy of Rare) Navigate to Flameheart’s Hideout via diving. (Image courtesy of Rare)… Choose one of the three doors to enter. (Image courtesy of Rare)… Accumulate the Chest of Rage…. Accumulate the Chest of Rage.
Get away and bring Pendragon the chest after you’re done.

How many cannonballs are required to complete the Flameheart challenge?

The Flameheart’s Ship is the one that can be seen the best out of all of them, and it requires a total of 24 cannon shots to be destroyed.

When facing Flameheart, how long does it take to beat him?

The Burning Blade, Flameheart’s ship, must take 24 direct hits to be destroyed and, similar to the Ashen Dragon Captain Ships, is capable of doing significant damage to a Crew’s vessel.

Why is Flameheart floating above the ground?

You are going to want to make sure that you maintain a sharp lookout in the air for the glowing red face of Captain Flameheart. His spectral appearance heralds the entry of his Damned fleet into the Sea of Thieves as well as the beginning of the World Event. The Flameheart will be located in the air over an unspecified island.

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