How To Decorate A Slanted Wall Bedroom?

Whether your house has an attic or a few rooms with sloped ceilings throughout, it is likely that you are aware of the fact that interior design may be more difficult to do in these areas. For the time being, it’s possible that you’re just using these rooms as storage space, or it’s possible that you’re simply ignoring them. The good news is that we are here to inform you that you can truly put these sloping areas to use as bedrooms, and in the process, you can make them appear gorgeous.

Choose a canopy-style bed

A room that has a slanted ceiling will, for obvious reasons, seem and feel much smaller than it really is; nonetheless, this presents an opportunity for some design wizardry. If you have the space for it (which is why it’s vital to measure), a canopy bed might give the impression that the room is higher than it really is since it directs the viewer’s attention skyward. It adds a touch of enchantment to this setting, which is themed

How To Decorate A Slanted Wall Bedroom?

Make a mini gallery wall

Putting up artwork in a room that is already cramped might be difficult, but doing it in a bedroom that has angled walls can be extremely difficult. Instead, you should concentrate on putting up a small gallery wall. In the instance of this enticing sanctuary that was built, artwork is displayed in an informal manner on top of the wainscoting that is located behind the bed. Instead of having a blank sloping wall, there is now a visual focus point here thanks to the artwork.

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Opt for bright white decor

A piece of furniture in a dark hue may very quickly dominate the area in a room that is on the smaller side. Be sure to choose components for your slanted bedroom design that include a neutral hue, with white being your best option for creating an airy atmosphere. A nightstand in ivory, such as the one that can be seen in the sanctuary that belongs to At Home With Ashley, quickly brightens the area and makes it look bigger than it really is.

Replace drapery with shades

Having the appropriate window coverings in a cramped bedroom, especially one with sloping walls, is one of the most reliable ways to make the space seem larger. The natural light will make the area seem larger, and it will also be an attractive approach to put the focus on your furnishings and accessories. Forget about using drapery panels or blinds when you have a bed that doubles as a window seat; instead, use a basic shade like Katie does.

Consider a single pendant light

It is essential that the appropriate lighting be selected for a cramped bedroom with sloping walls, such as one that was converted from an attic. For instance, floor lights will use an excessive amount of room. Because of this, it may be beneficial to choose for a pendant lamp instead, which is unobtrusive, will direct the eye upward to give the impression of more height, and won’t take up any of the precious area on the floor. This is the way that Lindsay from added some visual interest to the vaulted ceilings in this peaceful bedroom.

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Hang a couple of houseplants

It goes without saying that you will be working with very little room if you are planning around slanted walls. This indicates that there won’t be a great deal of space for home d├ęcor, such as the houseplants that you like to place in each and every area of the house. It’s possible that you won’t be able to utilize plant supports, but if you have a room with a sloped ceiling, you may get creative by suspending potted plants from the sloped ceiling. A bonus is that the concept for decorating will provide a splash of color and create the impression of more height.

Include wooden beams

If you have a sloping ceiling and are looking for a way to add more visual appeal to the space, your best bet is to install wooden beams. Because of their size, they won’t take up any more space, and the amount of visual appeal they bring will be exactly right. This master bedroom was designed by Catherine and Bryan, and it has a beautiful chandelier that goes well with the little wood beams.

How To Decorate A Slanted Wall Bedroom? Source: The Nordroom

How do you make a room with a slanted ceiling look bigger?

Light is one of the most important factors in making a space with sloped ceilings appear larger than it really is. You may make use of the sunshine that comes through windows by hanging transparent curtains or drapes made of light-colored textiles on the windows. Mount mirrors on the walls to reflect light and give the impression that the room is more spacious.

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What is a slanted wall called?

If your walls have a slope, commonly known as eaves, I have some suggestions for how you may design your living room, bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, or play area so that it works with the ceilings rather than against them. This can be done in any room in your home.

How do you hang curtains on a sloped ceiling?

Ignoring the angle of the ceiling is the easiest method for hanging drapes from a sloped attic ceiling. Use of fixed curtains that are draped at an angle and secured with tiebacks is still another technique. Both strategies have the potential to work, depending on the design of your space, to achieve the goals of providing seclusion, controlling light, and seeming balanced.

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