How To Cut Cheese Wedge?

In just a few simple steps, you can turn a block of cheddar or any other semi-firm cheese into visually appealing triangles. First, make an incision through the middle of the block. After slicing each half into rectangular pieces with a thickness of about 1/8 inch, cut each of those rectangular pieces diagonally to create two triangles. How To Cut Cheese Wedge?


Cheese knives may be something of a conundrum due to the peculiar prongs and contours that they have.

On the other hand, if you know which knife to use and how to use it correctly, you may improve your cheese board game and make slicing and serving cheese a breeze.
Even though it would be impossible for us to cover all of the many cheese knife shapes and variations, here is a quick primer on some of the essentials.

Cheese Knife With Pointed Prongs

Consider the pronged cheese knife to be the equivalent of the LBD (little black dress) of the cheese knife world since it can be used for any cheese and any occasion. It works particularly well for slicing soft cheeses like brie, but it is also adaptable enough to be used for cutting tougher cheeses. Because the pronged tip makes it so much easier to pick up and serve individual bits of cheese, we believe this to be an essential accessory for any cheese board.

Knife for spreadable cheese

When you see the holes in this knife, you’ll realize it’s not very sturdy. Because softer cheeses have a more runny inside, they have a greater propensity to adhere to a firm knife. If you want to cut the cheese without it adhering to the knife or mutilating it, you should look for one that has a very thin, sharp straight blade or a knife with holes in it.

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How To Cut Cheese Wedge?

Cheese spreader

This one is relatively easy to understand on its own. Utilize it to make serving cheeses that are soft and spreadable a breeze.

Cheese plane

This traditional slicer works well for shaving off really thin slices of cheese for sampling purposes. It works well with kinds that are both semi-soft and semi-hard.

Knife with a Chisel

This knife, which has the appearance of a little paddle, is an excellent accessory for any cheese board. You should go for it anytime you wish to serve bits of hard cheeses or crumbly cheeses in an easy manner.

Parmesan Knife

In spite of its name, this knife is fantastic at cutting through any circumstance with hard cheese. Because it has a sharp tip, it is very simple to bite off bits and pieces.


Despite the fact that it is commonly referred to as a “cheddar cleaver,” this device does not have to be designated for just one kind of cheese. You may use it to effortlessly slice any cheese, from the firmest to the semi-softest varieties.


Now that you have the information, it’s time to show us your slicing abilities by preparing this Spicy Game Day Cheese Board, this Brunch Berry Cheese Board, or any dish from our collection of over 300 recipes that include Wisconsin Cheese. If you want to become a member of the biggest cheese community in the world, all you have to do is post an Instagram picture of your next Wisconsin cheese board.

How To Cut Cheese Wedge? Source: Huffpost

What is the proper way to cut a slice of soft cheese?

To make a clean, uniform cut, you need just set the harp where you want to make the cut and then apply pressure. 1. This cut is particularly useful for softer blue cheeses because it eliminates the risk of the knife separating the blue mold from the veins of the cheese. To remove the triangular-shaped rind off the side of the wedge, you may either use a cheese harp or a wire.

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What is the proper way to cut a wedge of Gouda cheese?

Remove the wax rind before cutting a slice of semi-soft cheese like gouda. This step is necessary. The wedge should be cut in half. After that, cut each half into long, skinny wedges that resemble triangles. It is possible that you may wish to cut each slice in half vertically; this will depend on the size of the wedge.

How do you slice a cheese that is really firm?

A chef’s knife or skeleton knife makes quick work of chopping up blocks of cheese, which is a fortunate development. Simply cut the cheese into planks with a thickness of one-eighth of an inch, and then cut those planks into smaller rectangles as required. You may also build triangles by cutting rectangular slices on an angle to produce halves of triangles.

How can one cut firm cheese without causing it to crumble?

To begin, slice the block horizontally; this will make slicing much simpler, which is very helpful when entertaining a large number of people at once. After that, make a vertical incision along the length of the rind piece section. In order to prepare the second piece, cut slices of cheese across the width of the block.

What is the proper way to cut a slice of brie for a cheese board?

Brie Cheese: How to Cut It for a Cheeseboard
Allow the brie cheese to come to room temperature before serving…
Put the brie on a chopping board and cut it up….
Collect all of your equipment…
Remove the excess rind….
Make a slit along the middle of the wheel…
Sliced the piece that has been cut in half into little wedges…
Put the brie on the cheese board you have in front of you…
Add in a variety of cheeses.

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What are some alternatives to using a slicer while cutting cheese?

Make use of a knife that is very sharp, and point the tip of the knife toward the middle of the cheese. Your cheese should be cut into even wedges with a width of around 1–2 inches (2.5–5.1 cm). Create slices that are uniform throughout the circumference of your wheel or pyramid. After that, depending on the sort of cheese you’re using, you may cut the wedges into thinner slices.

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