How To Custom Paint Airsoft Gun?

Everyone who is serious about airsoft has at least heard of those extremely cool painted weapons, and many of them even possess one or more of them. When a novice player on the field approaches an experienced player and asks, “How did you paint your gun?” the typical response is either “Gamepod painted it for $100” or “I did it myself.” If you fall into the latter category and want to paint your own airsoft gun while keeping the cost within reason, the following advice will come in handy for you while you work on customizing your airsoft weapon.


Make a decision on which gun you wish to be painted. When painted, certain airsoft weapons appear better than others. For instance, G36s, MP5s, and several other HK submachine guns look their very finest when they are finished in black. M16s, M4s, sniper rifles, and SAWs are some examples of firearms that you could like to have painted.

Make a decision on which parts of the gun will be painted. Many designs are possible. When it comes to SAWs and snipers, just the plastic pieces or “furniture” should be painted, however it is preferred to paint the complete gun when it comes to M4s and M16s as well as other variations of these weapons.

Make your selections for the colors and design. (if you want digital camouflage, see the bottom of the page in the Tips section.) When you go to the shop, you should be sure to get spray paints, and you should also ensure that each and every color you pick is flat. If you let yourself become shiny, the results of your gun will be pretty darn horribleā€¦

Prepare your gun. You need to make sure that your firearm is in good condition before you attempt to paint it so that it won’t be damaged. After you have decided where you want to paint, go on to the next step.

You are going to want to buy some masking or painting tape as well as a lot of newspaper, and then you are going to want to arrange all of those things on the ground to make a “table” that is large enough for your gun while still leaving plenty of area for more painting. Then, while you are painting, you should grab maybe a few cardboard boxes or some other sturdy but recyclable thin constructions to rest your gun on.

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How To Custom Paint Airsoft Gun?

The configuration. After spreading down a sufficient amount of newspaper and nailing it down so that it won’t move, fetch your cardboard box and flip it upside down, making sure that your pistol can rest on it without wriggling about. After that, put on your glasses, and get ready to make your rifle seem stunning!

Take it out of the cardboard box, and then go grab some more tape, newspaper, paper towels, and tissue; you’re going to need it.

Plug your barrel. Take the tissue and roll it until it is about four millimeters in height. Ensure that you roll enough tissue so that after it is rolled, you will have at least four millimeters. Put this in the barrel of your gun, but before you do, make sure there isn’t a battery, a magazine, or any BBs in it. Also, ensure that you remove the sling, the scope, and any other component of your pistol that may be detached without the use of screws.

Check to see that the tissue won’t unravel, even if it protrudes from the opening. The next step is to take a paper towel, put it over the entrance of the magazine, and secure it with tape. Now, plug any additional slits or holes in your weapon (like on the M4, the open-ejection-port). You should make an effort to keep it clean since everything that is covered will not be painted. Therefore, in order to avoid having random streaks of paintless gun present, you should only seal the holes.

Paper towel (don’t rip holes in it!) and masking tape should be used to thoroughly cover any areas that aren’t going to be painted. Never use any other kind of tape since it might potentially destroy your pistol if you do.

Put your pistol back in the cardboard box it came in, then have your paints and anything else you’ll need ready close by. Lightly spray your gun with the lightest color that you will be using, such as tan, while holding the can at an angle that points down or at an angle that points downward approximately 8 inches (20.3 cm) away from the gun. Never bring your pistol any closer to your body. The coating need to be thin, and it’s okay if there are some areas that aren’t painted over. If this is the case, DO NOT continue spraying in the same location, and DO NOT bring it any closer to your face. Just a very light coat for the time being. You are free to return at any time and complete what you started.

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How To Custom Paint Airsoft Gun? Source: Youtube

Even if you want to add more colors at a later time, you should still spray the light color pretty much wherever you want your pistol to be painted. Now, depending on the temperature and humidity, you should wait anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours for the paint to thoroughly dry before continuing. (If it is hot and bright outdoors, you should take your gun outside and leave it in its box in the sun for approximately 20 minutes. Take care not to touch any painted portion, even if it seems to be dry.)

Return after you are certain that the paint has dried, and using a blade of grass, tap the painted sections of the pistol in inconspicuous spots to determine if the paint has really dried. Now, tap a place that is more noticeable and has a greater amount of paint. Tap it very gently with your little finger to see whether it is dry. Tap it slightly more forcefully if it does not cling to your finger. In the event that it has not yet become sticky, give the painted areas a little massage with your fingertips. If they have a smooth texture, then the substance is dry. If it is sticky, wait the same amount of time as you did the previous time you waited, or you will come to regret your decision later. If it is ready, you should gently pick it up and transport it back to the garage as soon as you can. Now, using the previous color, carefully go over any areas that were missed while maintaining the same level of attention. It’s possible that some components may need to be painted up to five times before they look their absolute finest. Do not bring the can any closer than 8 inches (20.3 cm), and do not hold it for any longer than that. If you keep it down for more than five seconds on any one portion of the cannon at a time, you have probably damaged it.

This technique should be carried out several times. As soon as you have completed the lighter colors, you may go on to the darker ones and cover over the lighter ones as required. Never begin working with another color until you have completed all of the procedures in step #10 to guarantee that the previous color is fully dry.

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You should give it a few days to dry out. Check to ensure that the area where it will dry is dry (ie: your room). DO NOT remove any portions that have been taped or any barrel plugs.

Take off the tape, and as you take off the barrel tape, take it off your gun with the pointing end facing down. This will prevent any dried paint from falling into the inner workings of your gun.

Do I have to smooth it out with sandpaper?

You may sand it down, but you should be careful since you run the risk of harming your gun if you do so. Paint tends to adhere better to surfaces that are rough and uneven. Sanding with fine sandpaper is an essential step in any paint job that is done correctly if you want it to last a long time. As long as the sandpaper is not too harsh, it will not cause the plastic to get damaged in the process. In any other case, the paint will adhere quite well on plastic (or metal) that has not been sanded; nevertheless, you may have issues with the paint running. If you are careful to follow the steps outlined in this guide, you shouldn’t run into any difficulties.

What sort of spray paint is OK for the pistol that I have?

Spray paint with a matte finish. I would suggest using Krylon Fusion. Additionally, you might consider using a clear coat in order to prevent the paint from peeling.

Is there a limit to the colors you may use?

It should be possible to paint the pistol with whatever color you already have and want to use. Make sure that you pay close attention to the instructions.

When using the airsoft pistol in the sunlight, would the paint on the gun melt?

There is no danger of the paint melting. Make sure you apply primer, and if you want to add an additional layer of protection for the paint, you may use clear coat. These are both options.

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