How To Craft Pokeballs In Pixelmon?

The well-known game Minecraft has a mod called Pixelmon that is very popular. Even though it is one of the older modifications that can be downloaded, it has been reliably maintained, and new material has been added on a semi-regular basis. Even after Minecraft’s 1.16 Nether Update, the most recent official version was made accessible to players. In today’s lesson, we are going to go through the many ways in which you may get Poké Balls in Pixelmon. How To Craft Pokeballs In Pixelmon?

How to Acquire Poké Balls in the Video Game Pixelmon

The fact that each Poké Ball calls for a unique recipe, even if it’s only for the cover, is the aspect of Poké Balls that presents the most challenge. Despite this, the procedure of creating them is rather easy. First, we’ll walk you through how to make them, and then we’ll offer a comprehensive list of all of the different Poké Ball recipes.

Note that you will need to read all the way down to the bottom of this tutorial in order to receive the Master Ball, Cherish Ball, GS Ball, and Park Ball, since these Poké Balls cannot be crafted in the typical manner.


If you have the necessary components, making a Poké Ball is a simple process. To get started with the procedure, you will need to ensure that you have the various tools and components listed below available.

How To Craft Pokeballs In Pixelmon?

The Anvil used in Pixelmon is NOT the same as the Anvil used in Minecraft. It follows a separate set of instructions. You’ll find instructions for making a Pixelmon Anvil right here.)
Table for Crafting in the Furnace Hammer (A Hammer of any material can be used).
You will need three Apricorns in the colors that you wish to utilize for the Poké Ball that you are going to construct. (for example, it takes three red Apricorns to make a standard Poké Ball)
You may have your choice of three iron ingots or three aluminum ingots.
One Stone Button (not Wood)
Obtaining the Apricorns is the first step.

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Note: You may safely go on to Step One if you already possess all of the components described in the previous section.

In Pixelmon, obtaining an Apricorn may be accomplished in a method that is similar to how it’s done in more modern Pokémon video games. Apricorn Trees may be found growing in random locations throughout a variety of forest biomes. The pace at which each tree grows is the same. The following list describes the many types of biomes that have the potential to produce Apricorn Trees.

Birch Forest Birch Forest Hills
Birch Forest Hills M
Birch Forest M
The Chilly Taiga Chilly Taiga Hills Cold Taiga M
Extreme Hills+ Extreme Hills+ M
Flower Hill Forest Flower Hill Forest Forest
Mega Taiga Mega Taiga Hills
Mega Spruce Taiga \sRedwood Taiga Hills M
Roofed Forest Roofed Forest M Roofed Forest M
Taiga Taiga Hills Taiga M
Because of the consistent pace at which they reproduce, none of the trees are restricted to any one particular biome.

First, prepare the apricots by cooking them.

In order to transform uncooked apricorns into cooked apricorns, you must first smelt the uncooked apricorns in the furnace. Only the creation of Poké Balls requires this stage of the process. In any other recipe that calls for apricot kernels, you’ll need to keep them raw and unmelted.

Craft the components for the Poké Ball in the second step.


To construct the Poké Ball Discs, arrange the three Cooked Apricorns in a row on the Crafting Table.
To produce the Aluminum/Iron Discs, arrange the three Iron Ingots in a row on the Crafting Table.

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Put the Poké Ball Disc on the Anvil, and then use the Hammer to hammer it in such a way that it gets rounded and resembles a half circular in shape. This portion of the Poké Ball is the upper half of the ball.
Put the aluminum or iron disc on the anvil, and then use the hammer to smash it in a circular motion until it becomes rounded and resembles the shape of a half circle. This section of the Poké Ball contains the bottom half.

Step Three entails the creation of the Poké Ball.

Arrange the following components in a single column, starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom:

The Upper Part (the colored half)
Stone Button Bottom Half (the aluminum half)
As soon as you’ve completed this step, you’ll be able to use a brand new and improved Poké Ball! Get out there and try to capture some Pixelmon!

How To Craft Pokeballs In Pixelmon? Source: Youtube

How exactly does one go about creating a pokeball disc in Pixelmon?

To construct the Poké Ball Discs, arrange the three Cooked Apricorns in a row on the Crafting Table.
To produce the Aluminum/Iron Discs, arrange the three Iron Ingots in a row on the Crafting Table.

Which Apricorns are responsible for the creation of which Pixelmon Pokeballs?

A green apricorn is an apricorn that, after being cooked, can be used to manufacture specific kinds of Poké Ball discs. Green apricorns are a sort of apricorn. Cooked Green Apricorns are essential for making the discs that are used in the creation of Dusk Balls, Friend Balls, Nest Balls, and Safari Balls. Green apricorns that have not been cooked may also be used to construct some kinds of ornamental blocks.

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In Pixelmon, what are the steps to produce an ultra ball?

Crafting an ultra ball requires the use of a crafting table and an anvil, and requires the usage of ultra ball disks. In order to create an ultra ball disk, you will need a stone button, a metal disk that has been pounded on an anvil, and another ultra ball disk.

How can I get my hands on some apricorn balls?

You now have Apricorns; in order to make Poké Balls, you will need to take them to the Cram-o-matic located in the Master Dojo.

Which Poké Ball is the rarest of them all?

The Cherish Ball, also known as the Precious Ball in Japanese, is an extremely rare Poké Ball that can only be acquired by trading in a Pokémon that was gained via the use of an Event. Due to this fact, a Pokémon cannot be captured with this Poké Ball under any circumstances, even with the use of a cheating device such as Action Replay.

In Pixelmon, what are the steps to catch an Apricorn?

Any kind of woodland environment may naturally support the growth of apricorn trees. You have the option of planting Apricorn Trees in Grass, Dirt, Coarse Dirt, or Podzol. It is possible to advance through a level by using Bonemeal and a Wailmer Pail.

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