How To Cook A Hamburger In An Air Fryer?


At my home, if there is a big game or movie night, we all like making hamburgers together. We do use the grill on occasion, but making burgers in the air fryer is significantly faster and requires far less preparation work. We are able to start supper fast after a hard day at work, which allows us more time to unwind with our families and enjoy the meal. How To Cook A Hamburger In An Air Fryer?

We have the sauces and extras available for everyone to customise their air fryer burgers while the hamburgers are cooking so that everyone can enjoy a unique meal. Everyone in the family can’t wait to get their hands on this simple and satisfying dish.

Because an air fryer will cook your hamburger to perfection and ensure that it is cooked uniformly throughout, you can be sure that it will have a wonderful flavor. Your hamburgers will even have a grilled flavor thanks to the Air Fryer, and they will be tasty and juicy.


This recipe is foolproof, and you can make it even if you just have a few minutes to spare. Because the Air Fryer naturally imparts a delicious flavor, I find it best to reduce the seasoning to a minimum, using just salt and pepper.

How To Cook A Hamburger In An Air Fryer?

Prepare the Air Fryer by preheating it for four minutes at 370 degrees. It is essential to preheat your air fryer before to cooking for the best results, since this ensures that the airflow will be at the appropriate levels.

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To prepare the basket for the Air Fryer, arrange the hamburger patties so that they form a single layer within the basket. By just using a single layer, you can guarantee that there will be enough air circulation and that the food will be cooked thoroughly.

Put the basket into the air fryer, and set the timer for ten to twelve minutes. It is important to turn your burgers over halfway through the cooking process to ensure even cooking on both sides. It is recommended that you do not open your air fryer until you are going to turn the food inside.


This will depend on the thickness of your hamburgers as well as the air fryer that you use. In the same way that microwaves come in a variety of wattages, air fryers come in a variety of wattages as well, and this will effect the amount of time it takes for your food to cook.

We cook the hamburgers for ten to twelve minutes, turning them once halfway through cooking. This results in a great hamburger with a medium doneness that is juicy and flavorful. If you cook your hamburgers in the air fryer for an excessive amount of time, they will get dry. Because of this, I recommend using a reliable meat thermometer to ensure that the hamburgers are cooked thoroughly. Knowing how long to cook your food in an air fryer will become much simpler the more familiar you get with using that appliance.

How To Cook A Hamburger In An Air Fryer? Source: Air Fryer eat


We are aware that french fries are a common accompaniment with hamburgers, but there are a lot of other wonderful choices out there. For the sake of variety and to ensure that the dinner is nutritionally sound, we always make an effort to include a selection of fresh vegetables.

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The following are some of our most-loved recipes, the majority of which may also be prepared in an air fryer:

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