How To Communicate With Santa Muerte?

To get in touch with Santa Muerte, all you need to do is meditate in order to make the connection with her. There are several approaches one might take in order to connect with Santa Muerte and prepare themselves to receive a message from the saint of death. One of my favorite approaches is to channel energy via meditation.

Simply said, if you want to communicate with a spirit, a force, an entity, a goddess, or a god, all you have to do is attune yourself to spirit in order to channel them.

Not only is meditation a great method to relax, but it’s also helpful for putting your mind at ease. You may utilize meditation to discover how to connect with Santa Muerte by taking it a step further and practicing it regularly.

This is only one illustration:

How To Communicate With Santa Muerte?

Find some music that you like listening to as you meditate. You may find music that is calming and pleasant on YouTube.
Find a quiet and cozy area to practice your meditation.

  • Put a picture or photograph of Santa Muerte in front of you as you do the ritual. Take a few deep breaths and fix your gaze on it.
  • Close your eyes! While you relax, the music for meditation will play.
  • Make your intent. You may tell Santa Muerte, “I’m learning how to converse with you,” or anything along those lines. Please assist me with this matter since I have a query about it.
  • Next, relax, let go. Unwind and let go of any and all of your worries and concerns. Close your eyes and picture yourself in each of these different scenarios.
  • You are now located in the middle of a dense forest. The color of the foliage on the trees is really vivid green.
  • You stand there, reciting your vows, but you are certain that you are secure and that Santa Muerte will soon arrive to take you away.
  • You turn your head to the left and see that there is a dirt walk lined with lovely flowers. You make your way onto the walkway and start walking while taking in the cool evening air.
  • You make your way through the woodland until you reach a clearing. You look up and see a flight of stone stairs leading to an old, abandoned building. Temple door.
  • You have the distinct impression that Santa Muerte is waiting for you behind the door all of a sudden.
  • You make your way toward the stone steps at a leisurely pace, filled with anticipation.
  • You climb the flight of steps to the door and open it with caution. You can see Santa Muerte standing there behind the door, she is clutching her scythe, and she has an owl perched on her shoulders.
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How To Communicate With Santa Muerte? Source: BBC

She gives off the impression that she is smiling at you, and she motions for you to follow her inside the Temple.
You decide to follow Santa Muerte, and she eventually takes you to a spot where the two of you can have a seat together. Seats cut from stone and adorned with flowers provide a comfortable and refreshing seating option.

  • You are delighted to be able to pay this visit to your friend. You pose a question to Santa Muerte that you feel compelled to ask.
  • You either hear words or say them out, or you see visuals that Santa Muerte is trying to communicate with you.
  • You pray to Santa Muerte every time a new message or image enters your head, asking her to help you make sense of what it all means.
  • It’s possible that the solution will come at that same moment, but it may also come later that day. You should know that Santa Muerte has responded to you, and now you should feel relieved and content.
  • When you feel ready. Finish out the meditation by expressing gratitude to Santa Muerte for her visit and for the answers she provided.
  • Get up out of the chair in the Temple. Proceed out of the door. If you were to go back and go on the route in the forest where the flowers bloomed, you would discover that you are now standing in front of the dazzling rays of the sun in a woodland that was before rather gloomy.

Take a break to soak up some of this glorious sunlight. The next step is to put an end to your meditation by clapping your hands once and declaring, “It is over, I bring an end to this meditation!”
You have now arrived back in the room in where you first were.
Keep a Journal while you practice learning how to converse with Santa Muerte so that you may improve your skills. Make notes of what you see and what you experience so that you may recall it later. If you practice the Santa Muerte meditation more than once, you’ll notice that it becomes simpler and more transparent with each passing session.

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How To Communicate With Santa Muerte?
How To Communicate With Santa Muerte? Source: MDBI

Your hearing will improve as you continue to work on it. Recording the meditation is a smart move that should be considered. You will be able to hear your own voice leading you along while you listen to the music you choose for meditation in this manner.

Please keep me updated on how it turns out. I really hope that we can keep in touch.

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