How To Color Match On Procreate?

You may be wondering whether there is a method to sample a color from anywhere in your picture while you are working with paints and images in Procreate for the iPad. This would allow you to paint and draw with the sampled color in other areas of your image. You’re in luck, since the answer to this problem is a lot easier to understand than you would think it is. When you want to match colors in Procreate, all you have to do is hold a tap over the part of the picture that you want to sample colors from. That’s all! How To Color Match On Procreate?

To perfectly match colors in Procreate, this is absolutely all you need to do. You may put the book down at this point since you already have all of the information you need to get started working with the colors in your composition. Continue reading for a more detailed explanation of how this works, as well as some helpful hints that will make your workflow more effective.

How to Achieve Perfect Color Harmony in Procreate

Hold down a tap in Procreate over the part of your picture you want to sample color from as you try to match colors from there. Your cursor will be surrounded by a ring when it becomes active. The color that is presently being sampled is shown in the bottom half of the ring, while the newly introduced color is shown in the top half of the ring. When the new color is made available, it will be sampled.

However, that is not all there is to know about coordinating colors. There is actually a second option for selecting colors from your photographs, and depending on how you like to get things done, this other approach might be a more convenient one.

A example of both approaches of matching colors can be found in the following video instruction, which can be found here:

How To Color Match On Procreate?

The process of matching colors in graphic design software often involves making use of a tool of some kind that resembles a dropper or color picker. The reason why this particular task does not need its own specialized tool in Procreate is precisely because there is no requirement for such a tool. Either a straightforward hand motion or the controls provided by the user interface may be used to accomplish this.

Let’s have a look at each approach, shall we?

Method 1: Color match by holding a tap

The first approach to color match in Procreate is to use your index finger to hold a tap over the part of your picture that you would want to sample color from. This will allow you to sample the color from that part of your image.

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When everything is set up properly, you should see a ring appear on the screen where the pointer is positioned:

How To Color Match On Procreate? Source: Youtube

The lower portion of the ring displays a representation of the color that is presently selected in the Color Panel, which is located in the top-right hand corner of the screen and is shown as a little round disc.

The new hue that will be sampled from your picture is represented by the upper part of the ring. The portion of the picture that your cursor or finger is now hovering over determines the color that will be applied to that part of the picture.

The ring will follow your hand movement as you drag your finger around the screen, and the color will be sampled from the pixel region that the color picker is now positioned over.

After you have decided whatever color you would want to try, you may do so by letting go of the tap in the sample container. After that, the color you choose will be used as the active color, as seen in the Color Panel:

It is important to bear in mind that in order for this procedure to be effective, you must use your finger. This tap-and-hold approach for color selecting will not function if you are using a stylus (such as an Apple Pencil or its comparable). Stylus input is required for this method.

Method 2: Color match using the Modify button

Using the Modify button, which is positioned in the user interface of Procreate between the brush size slider and the brush opacity slider, is still another method for color matching in the program:

You may also color match by tapping the square alter button located on the left side of your screen. This will bring up further options.
You won’t need to set your pen down or shift it to make room for your index finger when you use this approach to match colors since you won’t need to do either of those things.

How To Color Match On Procreate?
How To Color Match On Procreate? Source: Logos By Nike

When you tap on this button, the color picker ring will be placed on your canvas like follows:

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This color ring is the same as the ring that was used in the prior approach, and it operates in the same manner. The top half of the ring symbolizes the new color, and the bottom half indicates the color that is now active.

You may now use the swiping tool to move around your canvas in order to locate a portion of your picture whose color you would want to sample. When you have determined the color you want to use, you can simply release the tap, and it will be used as the active color in the Color Panel.

If you are right-handed, the advantage of using this method for color matching is that it enables you to choose colors without requiring you to put down your pencil; however, it does necessitate the use of both hands. If you are left-handed, however, this method does not allow you to choose colors without putting down your pencil.

After tapping the Modify button with the index finger on your left hand, you should next use the pencil or stylus with your right hand to sample colors from the picture. This is the most efficient workflow for this approach.


Because of the very well-designed user interface, mastering the art of color matching in Procreate is as easy as learning a few simple hand motions. You are also supplied with an alternative choice so that you may test out both of them to see which one works better with the workflow that you have developed for yourself.

When you are working with one hand and would like not to engage the other hand in the process, you may do color matching by holding a tap with your index finger. This makes it feasible for you to avoid using the other hand. However, if you don’t want to be stopped when you’re wielding the powerful pencil, you may continue color matching by hitting the Modify button with the index finger of the opposite hand. This will enable you to continue what you were doing.

Test out each of these approaches to see which one works best for you. Simply leave a comment below if you have any questions or want more explanation on any of the stages that we have covered in this session if you have any queries or need further clarification.

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Is there a way to color match on Procreate?

Yes, you are able to sample colors from your artwork, your pictures, or your color palette in order to do color matching in Procreate. To sample a color, first choose the eyedropper tool, then tap and hold your finger or the Apple Pencil on the color you wish to sample, and finally release your finger or the Apple Pencil. The color that was sampled will be shown in the color circle.

Is there an eyedropper tool in Procreate?

Tap and hold your finger on the first color until the eyedropper tool appears, which will allow you to take a sample of the color. When you let go, you’ll see that the color indication in the top-right corner of Procreate has been updated with the new color you just selected.

How do I get an exact color from a picture in Procreate?

If you want to choose colors from a picture in Procreate, you may either import the image as a new layer or view the image in the Reference tool of Procreate. Keep your finger on the image’s surface to activate the eyedropper, and then let go of it when it’s over the color you want. Simply save your work by clicking on an empty area in the color pallet. Repeat this process for each of the colors in your picture.

How do you sample a color in Procreate?

The Color Palette Panel in Procreate is quite user-friendly and straightforward to work with. To use the color picker, locate the icon that looks like a square with a dashed outline on the left side of the menu bar. Tapping this symbol will bring up the color picker. If you drag this over the color you want to sample, it will show up in the color circle that is located in the top menu.

How do you match the color on Apple pencil with Procreate?

Putting It to Use The Color Selector in Procreate
Make a press-and-hold motion with your finger at the location from which you wish to pull the color.
You’ll see a circle taking on the color that you choose.
Keep waiting for the color to show up in the color picker tool that’s located in the top-right corner of the screen.
You are now able to use the color that was chosen.

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