How To Clean Nike Blazers?

In order to demonstrate the most effective method for cleaning and protecting your Nike Blazers, we obtained a pair that had been worn before. To remove grime that was particularly tenacious, we utilized the Basic Kit that comes with our Sneaker Cleaner and Premium Brush. After that, we applied our Leather Care product to the surface of the leather to preserve and nurture it.

Step 1:

Use our Premium Brush to remove any dirt and dust from the shoe by brushing it off with a dry cloth. This will make it much simpler to clean! Then you should take off the laces since we are going to clean them in a later step.

Step 2:

Due to the fact that the shoe is constructed out of two distinct materials, suede and leather, we are going to approach the sneaker in two stages. To begin, spritz the suede regions with Sneaker Cleaner, taking care not to oversaturate the material. The filth may then be removed by using our Premium Brush and scrubbing in a single direction. It is important to use care in this situation since oversaturating the suede might potentially ruin it.

After the suede elements of the upper have been cleaned, use sneaker cleaner to clean the leather sections of the upper. Scrub in a circular manner after dipping the brush into a water-filled container and beginning the process. The dirt will be eliminated as a foam begins to develop, and the process will continue.

In the end, spritz some sneaker cleaner around the bottoms of the shoes and scrub them with a damp brush while applying some pressure.

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How To Clean Nike Blazers?

Step 3:

After giving the shoe a quick clean with a towel made of microfiber, leave it aside to dry.

Step 4:

You may take care of your shoelaces while you wait for your shoes to dry. After placing the laces in the palm of your hand and spraying Sneaker Cleaner over them, begin scrubbing between your hands to remove any dirt or debris. After dipping the laces in water, continue to work them together by rubbing them. After wringing out the excess water, place the laces aside to air dry.

Step 5:

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After your shoes and laces have been given enough time to dry, relace your clean shoes so that you are ready to safeguard them. Apply some of our Leather Care on a microfiber cloth, then rub it into your shoes to condition the leather. Only the leather pieces should be treated like this.

And that is how you may restore the pristine appearance of your Nike Blazers.

Can I put Nike Blazers in the wash?

The vast majority of footwear should not be cleaned in a washing machine or dried in a dryer. The washing machine has the potential to damage the delicate fabrics, and the heat might distort the shape of your shoes.

How do I clean my Nike Blazer with baking soda?

Create a solution by combining one teaspoon of baking soda, two teaspoons of white vinegar, and one cup of water in a bowl. Scrub the dirt and debris away with a brush or a cloth using a circular motion.

What are Nike Blazers made of?

The “Blazer” design was given its moniker by the Beaverton, Oregon-based company in honor of the Portland Trail Blazers, the NBA club that represents the area. The original shoe had three primary components: a leather top, a nylon tongue, and a rubber midsole. The leather was used for the upper section of the shoe, while nylon was used for the tongue.

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