How To Clean Hockey Shot Tiles?

Synthetic ice becomes filthy just like any other flooring surface, and hence it has to be cleaned on a regular basis. The soil originates from a number of different places. The vast majority of it is just dust that has been carried by the wind and has fallen to the ground. How To Clean Hockey Shot Tiles? Because the majority of items are either white or light blue, it has a tendency to stand out and, if not maintained properly, may become unattractive.

It is not necessary for the cleaning of your synthetic ice surface to be difficult; nevertheless, the longer you wait to do the task, the more challenging it will be. The maintenance of larger synthetic ice rink surfaces unquestionably requires more effort, unless, of course, you are in the enviable position of having a floor cleaning equipment at your disposal. I have tried my hand at a wide range of different approaches throughout the years.

How To Clean Hockey Shot Tiles?

Synthetic Ice Maintenance at Home

The traditional way of cleaning fake ice, which involves using a mop and bucket, is perhaps the one that is utilized the most often for domestic usage on smaller surfaces. The dirt may be easily dislodged with a thorough damp mop. After applying a substantial quantity of water to the area, wring out the mop and use it once more to eliminate the soiled water from the surface.

Repeat as necessary up to the point when you obtain the outcome you want. Puck markings and stick tape marks are really difficult to remove, but I have discovered that a stiff deck brush and a little bit of elbow grease may do wonders for removing puck marks and stick tape marks. Even if there are no other benefits, it is a really strenuous exercise!

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I happen to be one of those persons who has a tiny mechanical floor cleaner, and I’ve found that it does an excellent job at cleaning manufactured ice. The front of these machines is equipped with a scrubbing cylinder that has a dense brush.

The ice is cleaned when water is sprayed from the unit onto the surface, and the scrubber works the water into the surface as it does so. The fact that it is also capable of sucking dirty water back up into the unit’s holding tank is a definite plus. In most cases, I need to make a few runs through it before it starts looking great again.

The Most Effective Way to Clean Your Hockey Tiles

Pressure washing is without a doubt the procedure that achieves the best results. A good number of my clients have access to pressure washers, which are capable of doing an excellent job of cleaning even the grimiest synthetic ice surface. Some models of pressure washers even have a covered hood on the front of the machine with two rotating spray heads that do a really good job of removing stubborn dirt. This feature is found on some of the more expensive models.

How To Clean Hockey Shot Tiles? Source: Hockey shot

Finally, many people are curious about whether or not the use of a detergent or degreaser is suggested. If the surface can be made clean by simply using warm water, then you do not need to worry about using a cleaner. This is the standard advice that we give.

If you find that water is not doing the job properly, you should try a neutral cleaner, which produces little or no foam. One thing you definitely don’t want to do is leave a residue of foam or cleaner behind. Even though the product won’t be harmed in any way, this may still leave an unpleasant residue behind. If you do choose to use a cleaner, then you must ensure that it is thoroughly removed after each rinsing.

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I hope that this little essay was able to address any queries you had about the upkeep of fake ice. If you keep up with it, you should be able to keep the surface looking lovely and clean over the whole of the product’s lifespan. If you want to have a more enjoyable time skating on your synthetic ice rink, you need make sure the surface is clean.

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How do you clean shooting tiles?

The only maintenance that is necessary is to sweep or vacuum up any shavings that have accumulated every few hours or so while the machine is in operation. You may clean the surface of your tiles with a damp mop if they get filthy due to the accumulation of debris such as dust or grime. On any HockeyShot Tiles, you are not allowed to apply any sort of wax, even car wax (Extreme Glide, Revolution, Dryland).

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