How To Clean Hey Dudes?

The slip-on shoes manufactured by Hey Dude are perhaps their most well-known product. They will, however, need to be washed on occasion, just as any other pair of shoes would. Why? Because of its frequent usage, the material will get soiled. This is particularly the case if you wear them without socks, as is often the case when wearing slip-ons, since the perspiration from your feet will be absorbed by the shoes. Slip-ons are typically worn without socks. How To Clean Hey Dudes?

You may clean them in a few different methods, all of which will be covered in the following paragraphs.

Can You Put Hey Dude Slip-On Shoes in the Washing Machine? 

How To Clean Hey Dudes?

The answer is yes, Hey Dude footwear can be cleaned in a washing machine. However, before you take that path, you should clean off any dust or grime that is on the surface. You may do this by using a brush with delicate bristles. It is essential that you stay away from brushes that have bristles that are very stiff since these brushes might cause harm to the upper. When it comes cleaning the soles, you may eliminate dirt from them by lightly clapping them together.

After you have completed all of those steps, place them in a washing bag made of mesh and put them to the side. A pillowcase may likewise serve this purpose if it is sufficiently big. It is recommended that you wash the shoes in a separate load from the garments since doing so will provide superior results. However, you may counterbalance the weight by including a couple towels in the load. In point of fact, I strongly advise doing so. If you don’t have them, there’s a significant probability that your shoes may bang about within the machine, which might cause internal harm to the device.

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The next step is to choose the most delicate cycle on your washing machine. It is essential that the water be ice cold; otherwise, you run the danger of the shoes being ruined. Before adding a scoop of ACTIVE detergent, you will need to wait until the washer is about half filled. After that, you will need to wait until it is three quarters full before putting the slip-on shoes that were in the washing bag into it. Do not make use of anything other than detergent; this includes bleach and fabric softeners.

Note that the insoles must be removed before the washing process can begin so that they may be cleaned independently. You may either soak them in a soap solution or put them in the washing machine with the shoes in a separate mesh laundry bag. Both of these options are available to you.

After the cycle is complete, remove the shoes from the machine. You will save yourself the trouble of having to wash them again if you refrain from leaving them in there. When it comes to drying, hanging them out in the sun is the most effective approach (not under direct sunlight). This will protect them from being harmed while they are being dried. Additionally, the sun’s rays will assist in eliminating any germs that may be present in your footwear.

The Hand Washing Route For Hey Dude Slip-On Shoes

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In addition to that, you may choose to hand wash their shoes. Using a brush with soft bristles, carefully remove any traces of dirt and dust from the item before putting it into the washing machine. After you have completed that step, remove the insoles from the shoes. Next, fill a bucket or sink roughly two-thirds of the way with cold water and set it aside. After adding a dollop of ACTIVE detergent, swirl the mixture around until soap suds become visible.

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Put the slip-on shoes in the sink, and using a brush with soft bristles, scrub the shoes to get the dirt and stains out of them. When you are done, put them in water and let them soak for at least half an hour. Additionally, the insoles may be cleaned using the same solution; all that is required is to place them inside the shoe beside it.

After soaking, the next step is to give them a good rinsing with water. To do this, take off the slip-ons and put them in a sink full of running water. Continue rinsing until the water is clear and there are no more suds. The insoles are subject to the same conditions as well. After they have been washed, let them out in the sun to dry naturally. It is best to refrain from drying them in the dryer. If you need to speed up the procedure, you may expedite it by stuffing the shoes with newspaper.

Tips On How to Reduce Shoe Odor

The following is a list of things that you can do to lessen the smell of your feet.

  • It’s best to give your shoes a chance to air out between wears by not wearing the same pair of shoes for two days in a row.
  • Always make sure to wear socks with your Hey Dude sneakers since your socks will be the ones to absorb the perspiration instead of your shoes.
  • After wearing your shoes, be sure to let them fully air out and consider using a powder or spray designed specifically for deodorizing shoes.
  • Choose footwear that is constructed of materials that allow air to pass through it.
  • After washing your feet, make sure they are completely dry.
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How To Clean Hey Dudes?
How To Clean Hey Dudes? Source: Wearenthusiast

Can Hey Dudes be washed?

In contrast to the majority of shoemakers, HEYDUDE recommends that you wash your canvas shoes in the machine rather than hand-washing them. If the shoes are muddy, you should wait for them to dry completely before washing them.

Can I hand wash my Hey Dudes?

How to produce colorful washes Hey Dudes: Wash them in your washing machine using the delicate option, the hand wash mode, or the light setting. When washing your shoes, use just cold water and a very tiny quantity of your preferred liquid detergent. This will help prevent your shoes from shrinking. To further minimize the appearance of wrinkles, ensure that the spin cycle is set to low speed or that it is skipped entirely.

Can I wash suede Hey Dudes?

Water may be used to remove stains caused by water. Suede may sometimes get discolored when exposed to water. To remedy this issue, use a nail brush to spread a thin layer of water over the whole of the shoe’s upper surface, then wet the shoe completely. After removing any extra moisture with a sponge or a dry towel, wait at least overnight for the shoes to fully dry out.

Can you wear Hey Dudes in water?

The Hey Dudes are not waterproof since the material they are made of is canvas. Despite its lightweight construction, the cloth is able to dry quickly. The Hey Dudes shoes are able to float on water since the bottoms of the shoes are made of EVA.

Can I put Hey dudes in the dryer?

It is not recommended that you dry your shoes in the dryer. You may dry them either outdoors or indoors, but be sure to keep them out of the direct sunshine to prevent the fabric from bleaching or becoming damaged.

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