How To Clean Hey Dude Shoes?

Taking Care of Hey Dude Shoes

“What does it signify in terms of quality?” you may be asking. All of their shoes are made to last, so that’s good news. For starters, they won’t disintegrate in a matter of weeks. If you take excellent care of them, you should be able to get at least two years out of them. How To Clean Hey Dude Shoes?

To put it another way, they must be worn correctly. Be careful not to be lazy and wear your heel out at the back, since this may easily distort and warp the fabric. Washing should also be done with caution. Yes, they should be washed on a regular basis, but you cannot just toss them in with your other laundry. Shoes may easily be damaged if they are subjected to such abuse.

Is it time to learn how to wash them the finest way? If so, you’re in luck, since that’s what we’ll be discussing in this article.

Materials Used By Hey Dude Shoes

For now, let’s take a look at the materials they employ to make their footwear. That’s a factor to consider when deciding how to wash a piece of clothing. You wouldn’t want to wash leather shoes in the washing machine, for example.


Flexwood, a novel material invented by Hey Dude, is constructed of actual wood. For this piece, we’ve mixed a flexwood material with hand-selected veneer, creating a unique texture. It’s also worth noting that a percentage of the proceeds from purchases goes to the nonprofit Kiwi’s for Kiwi, which supports kiwi conservation.

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A substance called Coco Soul is used to make insoles. They utilize it in the ones that come with their flexwood shoes. They’re sealed with coconut oil to keep their freshness, and they’re made from genuine cork. There is no usage of animal by-products.

Eco-friendly knitting

It’s all recycled “environmental trash” for their Eco-Knit line. As a result, all of the fiber used to make them comes from recycled sources. They’re doing their bit to reverse the plastic crisis by doing so. It’s not only comfortable, but it’s also long-lasting, like the rest of their footwear.

How to Wash Hey Dude Slip On Shoes

Slip-ons are undoubtedly Hey Dude’s most recognizable style. Every pair of shoes will eventually need to be cleaned. Why? Because of constant usage, the material will get soiled. Especially if you don’t wear socks, the perspiration from your feet will be absorbed by the shoes, which might cause blisters.

You may wash them in a variety of methods, and we’ll go through them in detail below.

Can You Put Hey Dude Slip-On Shoes in the Washing Machine?

Hey Dude sneakers can, in fact, be washed in a dishwasher. Make sure the surface is free of any dust or debris before going that way. Using a soft bristle brush is the best way to do this. You should stay away from brushes with rough bristles since they might harm the top surface of the brush. You may gently clap the soles together to remove any loose particles.

Then, place them in a mesh wash bag and put them away for a few days. As long as it’s big enough, a pillowcase may also be used. Separate the shoes from the clothing and wash them in two separate washes for optimal results. Adding a couple towels, on the other hand, will help even out the weight. As a matter of fact, it’s a must-have. The interior of the machine might be damaged if your shoes aren’t restrained with them.

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How To Clean Hey Dude Shoes? Source: Youtube

The gentlest setting on your washing machine is the next step. If the water is too warm, the shoes might be damaged. Before adding an ACTIVE detergent scoop, wait until the washer is about half filled. After that, wait until it’s about 3/4 full before adding the slip-ons (which are in the washing bag). Do not use anything else than detergent—this includes fabric softeners and bleach.

Note: Before washing, remove the insoles so that they may be cleaned individually. You may either soak them in a soap solution or wash them in a mesh laundry bag with your shoes.

After the cycle is complete, remove the shoes. To avoid having to wash them over and over again, don’t leave them in there. In terms of drying, the ideal technique is to expose them to the sun’s rays (not under direct sunlight). This will protect them from being harmed by the dryer’s heating elements. In addition to disinfecting your feet, exposure to the sun’s rays kills microorganisms on your shoes.

Can Hey Dude Shoes be washed?

What is the best way to wash colorful clothes? There are a few things you should know: Use a delicate, hand wash, or light setting in your washing machine to clean them. To keep your shoes from shrinking, add a very small amount of your favorite liquid detergent and only wash them in cold water. Choosing slow spin or no spin can help reduce wrinkles, as well!

Can you put Hey Dude Shoes in the dryer?

Do not dry your shoes in the dryer. To avoid bleaching or damaging the fabric, dry them away from direct sunlight, whether that’s outside or inside.

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