How To Clean Blackstone Griddle Rust?

Since its inception, the griddle has been one of the most well-liked pieces of cooking equipment in the United States. Griddles are ideal for use in both domestic and commercial kitchens due to their capacity to simultaneously prepare large quantities of food. They improve the effectiveness of the cooking process.

The Blackstone griddle is one of the flat-top grills that has received the highest ratings and is considered to be extremely versatile and user-friendly. Because it is so effective at cooking a wide variety of foods, it is the ideal choice for use in any outdoor environment.

Griddles made from Blackstone are constructed to withstand wear and tear for the longest possible lifespan. Rust can be an issue with Blackstone griddles if you live in an area that has high levels of humidity on a regular basis, is located near the ocean, or if you don’t clean your griddle on a consistent basis. mainly because they corrode easily and turn a color that is somewhere between red and brown.

It is not particularly dangerous to prepare your meal on a rusty griddle. But if there is one thing that is certain, it is that it is in no way appealing! Rusted appliances in the kitchen are an eyesore and are therefore disliked by everyone.

Griddles are, of course, manufactured to withstand harsh living conditions; however, if you wish to remove rust from a Blackstone griddle, the following steps should be taken.

Do not be concerned; we are here to assist you in determining the best method for removing rust from your Blackstone griddle. Keep reading for more information on how to clean the rust off of a Blackstone griddle.


The risk of rusting is greatest for griddle surfaces made of iron. Rust is the name given to the red oxide that is produced when iron is exposed to oxygen or water. Rust is a widespread kind of metal corrosion that often cannot be reversed.

When iron is exposed to oxygen and water, a chemical reaction takes place that results in the formation of a red oxide known as rust. The molecules of the metal are eventually broken down by the rust, which results in the metal being brittle. Because of this, the griddle is more likely to crack and is made more vulnerable to various types of corrosion; as a result, it is critical to fix your griddle before it develops rust.

How To Clean Blackstone Griddle Rust?

The Blackstone griddles are designed to endure longer while also being resistant to rust, making them an excellent choice for use in outdoor kitchens.

If the Blackstone Griddle has reached the end of its useful life, you will begin to see rust forming on the surface of the appliance. Take note that this is rust, which is very certainly the consequence of the fact that your griddle is rather old. On a surface that is brown and flaky, it is impossible to prepare a great dinner by grilling it.

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As a first step, assemble all of the tools and supplies required to remove the rust from your Blackstone griddle.

A scraper made of metal or a Blackstone used to clean brick.
Cooking oil
Towels made of paper
Grill stones or sandpaper or steel wool
Gloves that are resistant to heat
Towels made of paper or used clothing rags

You have to be using cooking oil for your lubrication. Some examples of cooking oils that can be utilized include sesame oil, palm oil, olive oil, and many others. When it comes to rags, clothing rags are frequently regarded as the superior option. It is also possible to use paper towels.

When working with gloves on a heated griddle, you absolutely need heat resistance from the gloves, so make sure they are heatproof.

This cleaning kit for the griddle is also available for purchase.

How To Clean Blackstone Griddle Rust? Source: Pinterest


Put on a pair of sturdy gloves that can withstand heat and will protect both your hands and your arms at the same time. Prepare the griddle for cooking over very high heat. It should be left alone for twenty minutes. This will cause the rust to become more loose, which will make it easier to remove. After that, you can turn off the griddle and let it cool down on its own. Even while the rust will not immediately become more solid, it is best to remove it as soon as possible.


A metal scraper is what you will need to use in order to remove rust off the surface of your griddle. Use a metal scraper to clean the flat top surface of the griddle while the rust is still wet and has not yet dried off. The rust on the griddle will get easier to remove as time goes on. Repeat this process until you are certain that the metal griddle can no longer be seen to have any signs of corrosion and that it will feel smooth when rubbed with the scraper.


If you want to clean a griddle with a grill stone, you’re going to need the right kind of stone for the job. It is necessary for one side of the stone to have a rough texture. It would be ideal if it were not overly heavy and if it had a handle. In addition to this, the pumice stone can be used to sand the surface of the griddle.

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In addition, there is no requirement for any kind of soap; rather than using soap, just drizzle three to four tablespoons of oil over the entire surface of the griddle and scrub it with a grill stone. If you are unable to locate a grill stone, you can substitute the use of steel wool or wet-or-dry sandpaper with a medium grit.

How To Clean Blackstone Griddle Rust?
How To Clean Blackstone Griddle Rust? Source: Pinterest

Scrub the griddle in a circular motion using slow and gentle motions to avoid scratching the metal surface as you work your way around. When you are finished, the griddle ought to have a clean and shiny appearance.

Use a damp cloth or some paper towels to completely wipe out the griddle so that it may be used again. After removing the residue completely, add another three to four teaspoons of oil and scrub it with a towel until the oil begins to come off looking clean. Repeat this process until the oil is completely removed. Using oil, continue to remove the rust that has accumulated on the griddle until there are no more signs of rust remaining.


After it has been scrubbed clean and checked for corrosion, the Blackstone griddle should be seasoned as the very last step. The Blackstone griddle must be seasoned regularly in order to prevent rust from forming. It dries to a thick, pleasant covering that is resistant to scratching and has an interesting taste of its own. This guarantees that the food you consume will have the flavor that it was designed to have in the first place.

The process of seasoning the griddle results in the creation of a protective layer that sits above the surface and functions as a non-stick finish. This coating, if applied properly, stops food from adhering to the surface and makes it much simpler to clean up any messes that are made.

A seasoned griddle is much simpler to clean than a new one and does not rust, which means that it has a longer lifespan and is more durable than a new one.

In order to season your black stone griddle, first heat it up for ten to fifteen minutes, until the surface of the griddle becomes extremely dark and nearly black.

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Spread a very thin layer of cooking oil across the surface of the griddle. You are free to use any kind of cooking oil that you like. It would be wonderful if you could provide one of a higher quality, such as olive or flax oil. These particular kinds of oils will adhere to the surface of the metal more effectively.

Raise the temperature once more, and wait for it to smoke. That is everything else that has to be done. It is necessary to allow the oil to burn at a high temperature in order to form a connection between the metal and the oil.

How To Clean Blackstone Griddle Rust? Source: Pinterest

You will know it is time to switch off the griddle when the quantity of smoke in the air has decreased significantly after about half an hour has passed.

The oil will be degraded by the intense heat, and as it does so, the fatty acids will come together to create a new layer of molecules. This layer serves as a barrier against moisture and helps to preserve the surface of the griddle from being exposed to the outside environment. As a result, this helps to keep the rust off of the Blackstone griddle.

The more you use your seasoned griddle that is oiled, the better the food you make will become. Not only does it improve the taste of the dish, but it also makes the whole experience of cooking more enjoyable.


When you have finished seasoning, sprinkle three to four more teaspoons of frying oil over the food. By doing this, a layer of protection against corrosion and tarnishing will be created.

When the protective layer is more robust, it is more challenging for water or air to penetrate it and reach the iron surface of the griddle. In this manner, rust will be less likely to develop as readily.

How do you clean a severely rusted Blackstone griddle?

Apply heat-resistant gloves on your hands.
Prepare your metal scraper from the Blackstone accessory toolkit while the griddle cools….
Using a grill stone, apply 3-4 teaspoons of oil all over the surface.
Clean the griddle by wiping it down with a paper towel or a cloth.

Is rust normal on a Blackstone griddle?

In order to last the longest, Blackstone griddles are engineered to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Rust may form on your Blackstone griddle if you live in a humid climate, near the ocean, or neglect to clean it on a regular manner. Due to the fact that they are susceptible to corrosion.

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