How To Change Clothes In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

While some players may be pleased with their characters’ basic appearances in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, others will definitely want to do a little of customization. Indeed, character customisation is feasible in these games, since fans may modify their characters’ clothes and hairdo. For those Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl players who are interested in executing these sorts of adjustments, specifics on the procedure may be found in what follows.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to Change Clothes

The Metronome Style Shop was the location of the first Veilstone Game Corner in the Diamond/Pearl version of the game. The Game Corner in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has been changed into a clothing shop as a result of a law implemented by PEGI that dictates a game must be given an 18+ rating if it contains any kind of gambling.

The Metronome Style Shop is the key to character customization, and it is located directly below the Pokemon Center in Veilstone. Players may access it by going via the Pokemon Center. Find the structure that has a depiction of two Clefairys on the front of it.

Can you customize your character in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond?

You won’t be able to mix and match equipment or haircuts, so you won’t be able to customize your character too much, which is unfortunate since you will only be able to equip certain costumes together. Regardless, the costumes that are available right now are still hip and adorable, so you won’t have any trouble finding anything that suits your preferences among them.

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How do you get clothes in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond?

It serves as the central area of the third gymnasium that players visit in the game. When you go there, speak to the woman who is working behind the desk, and choose the option that says “alter my style.” If you don’t have any other clothes to wear outside the Everyday Style default, you may purchase one by picking “I’d like to shop” instead of “I’d like to go through my closet.”

How do I change my BDSP clothes?

Find the structure that has two Clefairys carved onto the front of it. After finding the Metronome Style Shop, players should go inside the establishment and talk to the NPC that is stationed behind the counter there. Pokemon BDSP lovers who do this action will have access to a conversation box that gives them the option to either go shopping for new clothes or alter the way their character currently dresses.

How do I change my hairstyle in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond?

Once you have arrived at Veilstone City, you will have access to the Metronome Store, where you may buy a wide variety of pre-assembled clothes. The only other thing that can be altered by these garments is your hair to match the new look.

How To Change Clothes In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

How do you get platinum outfit in brilliant diamond?

If you pre-order either the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Pokémon Shining Pearl game, you will get a bonus in the form of the in-game clothing known as the Platinum Style as a thank-you present. Until Monday, February 21, 2022, you may get your outfit by selecting Get by Internet from the Mystery Gift feature inside the game. This option will be available to you until then.

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