How To Cancel Prodigy Membership?

Click the Yes, cancel membership button if you are certain that you want to terminate your subscription. Your Premium Membership privileges will be terminated at the conclusion of your current paying cycle, and you will be sent a confirmation email about your decision to discontinue your subscription. You are free to join up once again at any time by going to our Membership page.

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I would want to know the class code for the Prodigy.

A class code is a combination of letters and digits that is unique to each Prodigy instructor account that has been registered. It is possible to find it under the “classrooms” that your teacher has made, given that each class has its own unique code.

How can I terminate my membership to Donotpay?

Contacting Customer Support at using the email address that is related to your account is required in order to terminate your DoNotPay subscription. Send an email to requesting that your account be terminated, and they will do so.

Where can I find the instructions for canceling my Donotpay subscription?

Write to us at the following address: if you believe that you were wrongfully charged or that you are entitled to a refund on the basis of what was discussed above. When you email a request for a refund, be sure to include both your phone number and a detailed explanation of why you believe you are entitled to one.

What happens to your Prodigy subscription if you decide to discontinue it?

If you cancel your Premium Membership, all of its advantages will be lost at the end of your current paying cycle, and you will no longer be charged for any renewals. If you ever want to subscribe again, you will need to buy a new Premium Membership via the membership section of our website (

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How To Cancel Prodigy Membership?

Is prodigy a horrible game?

At first appearance, the game Prodigy seems to be an enjoyable activity that might engage youngsters in mathematics. In point of fact, it puts children’s connections with learning in jeopardy at an age when so many other factors are already working against their success. It is unacceptable for manipulative, game-like educational applications to be advertised to parents as educational aids for use outside of school hours.

How can one become a member of Prodigy for free without having to pay for it?

You will get a complimentary three-month student subscription for any teacher who uses your referral link to sign up for Prodigy and then has their students play the game. Now is the time to begin sharing Prodigy and earning prizes by logging in to your instructor account. Now is the time to earn your free memberships!

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