How To Breed A Ghast?

My Singing Monsters is the first installment in the My Singing Monsters video game series as well as the direct sequel to the My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire video game. The game, which was created by Big Blue Bubble Inc., is a hybrid of a planet builder and a simulation game. It was made available for download on the majority of portable as well as desktop platforms.

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The game has many types of environments, which are represented by islands, along with a wide variety of enemies. The player must care for the monsters by giving them food and water, and in return, they will sing for them. The game has a significant amount of original gameplay with a number of monsters, one of which, Ghazt, will be the focus of today’s conversation as we explore how to get it.


Ghazt is a kind of ethereal monster that looks like a spectral feline creature with a purple fur coat. When Ghazt touches any one of the five floating orbs that float above it, musical notes are produced. However, as is characteristic of an Ethereal Monster, the orbs may periodically light up and play on their own.

When compared to Natural Monsters, Ethereal Monsters are notoriously difficult to successfully reproduce. They also have their own own island, which allows them to generate shards, a kind of money that is similar to coins in terms of value but is otherwise distinct.

The Normal Monster form of Ghazt may not be as powerful as the Rare Monster or Epic Monster variants, but it still has its uses. To get Ghazt, you will need to use one of many distinct breeding formulas, the most effective of which will be discussed further below.

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How to breed Ghazt

As was mentioned earlier, in order to acquire Ghazt, a certain set of breeding combinations is required. Ghazt should theoretically result from the conjunction of an Entbrat with another monster if the conditions are right.

How To Breed A Ghast?

What monsters does the Wubbox need?

To “box” Monsters, which involves putting them in the Wubbox’s inventory, is required so that the Wubbox can gain more power. For the Wubbox to be powered up, it needs to have an example of every Monster that can be found on the Island stored within its inventory. Ethereal, Legendary, and Seasonal Monsters are not included in this requirement.

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