How To Blend Colours On Procreate?

Apps for mobile design such as Procreate for the iPad provide artists with a digital canvas that can be used for painting and sketching. Mixing one color of paint with another color of paint in order to create a new color is one of the most frequent things that can be done with paint. On the other hand, Procreate does not always act in this manner. That is not a problem, however, since there are workarounds; in this lesson, we will discuss how to mix colors in Procreate to create new hues.

How To Blend Colours On Procreate?
How To Blend Colours On Procreate? Source: Etsy

In a nutshell, the strategy that we’ll be employing to blend colors in Procreate is going to include using the Smudge Tool to combine the colors first, followed by the Gaussian Blur adjustment to make things seem more uniform.

Is there a blend tool in Procreate?

Utilizing the smudge tool is the quickest and most straightforward method for producing a blended effect in Procreate. You may use this feature by selecting the hand symbol located in the upper right corner of the screen. Alternately, you may press and hold to smear the image with the brush that you are now working with. Blending effects may be achieved in the same way regardless of how you choose to use the smudge tool.

What brush should I use to blend in Procreate?

The Gouache brush, located in the Artistic brushes section of Procreate, the Bonobo Chalk brush, located in the Sketching brushes section, and the Stucco brush are some examples of common brushes that may be utilized (under Artistic brushes). A smooth mix may be achieved using gouache, while a more textural appearance can be achieved with bonobo chalk and a stucco brush.

How do you blend layers in Procreate?

To begin, access the Layers Panel by pressing the icon that looks like two intersecting rectangles located in the upper right corner of the Procreate interface. You’ll find one or more letters to the right of each layer. These letters will be in ascending order. These inform you which Blend Mode is now active on the layer that you are working with. The Normal mode, denoted by the letter ‘N’, is the one that is engaged by default.

What is the smudge tool in Procreate?

Utilizing the “Smudge” feature in Procreate for iPad allows the user to spread pigment evenly throughout the canvas. This is helpful for producing gradients as well as mixing different colors together.

Where is smudge in Procreate?

Basics. Paint, Smudge, and Erase are the three fundamental features that come included with Procreate Pocket. Paint, Smudge, and Erase are the three tools that can be found in the upper right corner of the interface. These three tools all use the same Brush Library and operate in the same manner.

Does Procreate have a blending brush?

Blender brushes are not a term that can be used to describe any of Procreate’s preset brushes; nevertheless, several of the brushes may be used in a blending mode. In the brush settings, you will discover a WET MIX option tucked away in the DYNAMICS area of the menu. In this space, I make the blender brushes that I use.

How To Blend Colours On Procreate?

How do you alpha lock in Procreate?

The Layers menu in Procreate is where you will find the option to activate the Alpha Lock function. You can access the alpha lock function in the Layers menu by choosing your layer and pressing it to reach the layer options menu. This will bring up the Layers menu. You will find the Alpha Lock option in the list of menu choices. Simply tapping on it will activate the alpha lock.

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