How To Become An Exorcist In Bitlife?

You need to be at least eighteen years old and submit your application for the Exorcist post via the employment area of BitLife in order to become one. You will be working as an Exorcist for a local Church for a salary of around $20,000, give or take a few dollars, and the job description will refer to you as a “exorcist.”

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There is a possibility that this posting will not appear in the employment section. In the event that this is the case, you may either restart your BitLife program or just advance your age by one year. Because the job list portion is randomized, it is possible that you will need to do these steps many times before you see it. When you do so, touch on the listing, and it will take you to a page that says “Apply for this job.”
Be careful you respond to the interview question by demonstrating some level of common sense. If you don’t, your application for the job can be rejected, and you’ll have to start the process again from the beginning.

Once you have been given permission to take the role, you are, in all intents and purposes, an exorcist. However, in addition to this new title, you also have access to some pretty remarkable abilities, such as the ability to exorcise ghosts.

If you have a haunted home, you may access it under your assets and then choose the Spirits option from the drop-down menu at the very bottom of the page. You should see a list of spirits there, and once you do, you will have the choice to carry out an exorcism at that moment. It is possible for you to carry out the exorcism on your own without the assistance of a professional exorcist.

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There is a remote possibility that the exorcism won’t work, but it’s much more probable that you’ll be successful in banishing the spirit. That wraps up all you need to know to get started on your path to becoming an Exorcist in BitLife!

Can you become a famous exorcist in BitLife?

Exorcist is a profession that may be selected for your character to pursue inside the game; however, this choice might be a little frustrating at times. The only option left is to take the position of exorcist when it becomes available; however, this is a completely random occurrence. You may discover it in the area of the job ad that is devoted to the profession.

Do you have to be certified to perform an exorcism?

According to the canon law of the Church, solemn exorcisms are only permitted to be performed by ordained priests (or higher prelates), only with the authorization of the local bishop, and only after a thorough medical examination that rules out the possibility of mental disease.

How To Become An Exorcist In Bitlife?

Is the Exorcist a true story?

Yet very few people are aware that both the film and the book by Peter Blatty with the same name are based on a genuine story: an exorcism performed by Jesuit priests on a 14-year-old boy from Maryland in 1949 under the alias Roland Doe that took place over the course of many months.

How much is a Exorcist?

The Exorcist treatment begins at $55,000, but the purchase of the Camaro ZL1 is not included at this price. Pricing information on the Demon has not yet been made public. And despite the fact that there would soon be 3,000 demons roaming over the United States, Hennessey only intends to produce 100 exorcists per year.

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