How To Beat Volo And Giratina?

Players of Pokemon Legends: Arceus will first be charged with gathering the remaining Arceus plates. This may be performed by searching the Hisui area for and capturing a large number of Legendary Pokemon. After the players have gathered all of the plates, except for one, they will be required to make their way back up to the peak of Mount Coronet, where their one-time buddy Volo will finally reveal his real nature.

How to Prepare for the Battle with Volo & Giratina

The fact that Pokemon Legends: Arceus does not put as much of a focus on trainer fights as previous Pokemon games does not necessarily make this a good or bad thing, but it is something to keep in mind. On the one hand, it makes the whole experience a lot less stressful for players and enables them to concentrate almost solely on sticking to the series’ renowned “Gotta catch ’em all” mantra. On the other hand, it makes the overall experience a lot less stressful for developers. Regrettably, despite its many positive aspects, it does come with a number of drawbacks as well.

The fact that players aren’t actually forced to train up their Pokemon as much as they would be in a standard gym-based Pokemon game is maybe the one of them that stands out as the most significant. Because of this, a large number of players won’t necessarily have leveled up the appropriate Pokemon by the time they reach the encounter with Volo, nor will they have constructed a team that is well-balanced by the time they reach it. In light of this, they will need some prior planning in order to be successful in their battle against the psychotic Ginkgo Guild merchant.

How To Beat Volo And Giratina?

The battle against Volo is challenging for a number of reasons, the most important of which being the fact that he effectively has eight Pokemon on his squad, whilst the players are only allowed to have six in their party. The changes to the formula for the fight also imply that when a Pokemon is beaten, its replacement is practically sure to get one or even two actions in right away, which enables it to obtain an easy KO if it has even the tiniest degree of type advantage.

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Players may sidestep this issue by purchasing the necessary ingredients from the Craftworks in order to create Max Revives, and they should also ensure that they have at least a few of these items available to them before entering combat. If one of their Pokemon is able to survive one of these early assaults, they will have an additional turn at their disposal to fully revive one of their fallen Pokemon. Then, on the following turn, after their active Pokemon has fainted, they will be able to take advantage of the free first hit that is available to them because their opponent’s active Pokemon died.

Which Pokemon Work Best Against Volo & Giratina?

It is possible that players may feel compelled to deploy one or more of the several Legendary Pokemon that they have just completed capturing in order to do combat with Volo. On paper, this seems to be an excellent plan. After all, they are going to be among the Pokemon with the greatest level that the majority of gamers have access to, and they are also going to have the largest basic stat totals. Unfortunately, though, the majority of these Legendaries are vulnerable to attacks of the Dragon or Ground type, and Volo’s squad is ideally set up to take advantage of this vulnerability. Thankfully, they have their own vulnerabilities as well.

How to Beat Volo and Giratina

Players will need to use both the Agile and Strong play styles in order to have any chance of defeating Volo. They should make it a habit to check one more time before each and every turn to see whether moving to an agile form of attack would provide them an additional turn before the opponent’s next move. Before the opponent’s next turn, this is an excellent opportunity to either deal further damage (by first using a Swift attack and then a Strong attack), heal yourself (by first using a healing move and then an attack), or deal damage (by first using an attack and then a recovery item).

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The first phase of the battle consists of nothing more than picking a Pokemon to attack the weakness of Volo’s active Pokemon and spending any free turns to heal any Pokemon that have been knocked out of the fight. In all likelihood, Giratina will quickly knock out one of the player’s Pokemon as soon as it changes into its Origin Forme. Therefore, players will need to enter the two-part battle with Giratina with at least two Pokemon that are still capable of fighting, since Giratina will likely do so. However, it is recommended that players have at least three and maybe even four Pokemon that are prepared for fight.

If at any time throughout the fight a player runs out of Pokemon, they will have to start the whole battle again from the beginning of the match. Their Pokémon will be completely recovered before they repeat the fight, but any items that were used will be gone forever. Because of this, individuals who are utilizing Max Revives may consider saving before the match and then soft-resetting if they come out on the losing end. They should, however, be able to prevail against Volo and Giratina if they use the appropriate tactic, which will let them to advance to the very final plot task in the game.

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What is the easiest way to beat Volo?

You should utilize your free turn to use a Max Revive or Max Potion if you are certain that your Pokemon can one-shot your opponent but your opponent has the option to move twice. Because Volo usually begins with Spiritomb, you must ensure that the Pokemon you send out first has a powerful attack that specializes on the Fairy type in order to defeat it.

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Can you catch Giratina in the Volo fight?

Players will not be able to capture Giratina unless they have first finished the game’s main plot and then prevailed over Volo and Giratina in a fight between trainers. This battle may be quite challenging for individuals who have spent their time up to this point concentrating entirely on capturing Pokemon rather than training them; hence, some level of preparation may be necessary before engaging in it.

How do I get Giratina Arceus?

It is necessary for players to first complete the main game of Legends Arceus in order to unlock the quest necessary to capture Giratina since this Legendary Pokemon cannot be captured until after the main game has been completed. To begin, you will need to finish Mission 26: Seeking the Remaining Plates, which is part of the overall plot of the game.

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