How To Beat Undyne Pacifist?

Even though creating friends is the most important aspect of Undertale, there are moments when you have to sacrifice some of your lives in order to progress through the story. In Undertale, this is how to defeat Undyne the Undying if you’ve been having some problems with it. How To Beat Undyne Pacifist?

How to Beat Undyne in a Genocide Run

If you want to complete the Genocide path, then you will be forced to eliminate every living thing you come across in the game. There is no other way to complete the path. Undyne the Undying is one among them, and you can count on her to put up a fight until the very end. It is imperative that you stock up on healing goods before attempting to kill her in any way, shape, or form.

How To Beat Undyne Pacifist?

Although Sea Tea is a good option in Undertale due to the fact that it boosts your SPEED as well, you should still make sure to stock up on other products that restore more health. Be cautious to only use healing items when you are very certain that you won’t make it through the following round alive. Do not throw away any healing items, particularly considering the possibility that you may use them at a later time.

While it comes to weaponry, you should have a look at the Ballet Shoes since they provide you with three bars instead of just one when fighting. In Undertale, Undyne the Undying is characterized by a particularly lightning-quick rate of attack.

How to Beat Undyne in an Undertale Pacifist Run

If, on the other hand, you are intent on taking the nonviolent approach, you should make it a point to run away whenever the chance presents itself. Maintain your forward momentum to run into the cave, and keep running away from her whenever she catches you. After a certain point, she will put an end to the conflict and cease fighting.

The only other thing that needs to be done to defeat Undyne in a pacifist run is to keep running away from the battle like the nice pacifist that you are. There isn’t really all that much more that needs to be done.

What is the easiest way to beat Undyne pacifist?

You must hold out against her onslaughts of strikes until she turns the color of your heart back to red and throws a spear at you in order to protect Undyne. During this round, you should run. When you finally make it to the overworld map, Undyne will remain speechless for a little while. Make use of this to go higher.

How To Beat Undyne Pacifist?
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Can you beat Undyne without fleeing?

However, it is necessary to engage in combat with Undyne the Undying. In the event that the main character is unable to flee while in Red Mode, Undyne will hurl more spears before returning them to Green Mode for the subsequent round.

How do I skip Undyne fight?

There is no way to avoid her at this point. My advice for protecting her is to have quick reflexes and to be aware that a golden arrow indicates that the target is going to turn ninety degrees, which means that you will need to rotate your spear in order to defend yourself against the attack. Keep an eye out for the reddening of your soul.`

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