How To Beat Theater Mechanicus?

Do you want to know how to win against the Theater Mechanicus of Genshin Impact? Ruijin’s tabletop game, Theater Mechanicus, was unveiled during the Liyue’s Lantern Rite event. The game included a tower defense minigame called Theater Mechanicus, in which players could acquire Peace Talismans and then trade them in for a variety of other gifts.

The Genshin Impact 2.0 upgrade includes the return of the Theater Mechanicus. Mihoyo made the announcement, “everyone’s favorite game from Liyue is now accessible in Inazuma due to the efforts of the Theater Mechanicus Representative Komakata,” and she thanked Komakata for his work. Due to the fact that the original Theater Mechanicus was based on the celebration of Liyue’s Lantern Rite, certain features of the game have been modified so that they are more suitable for an Inazuman audience.

Drawing Wondrous Sticks, of which there are various varieties, is now the primary objective of the minigame. There are two types of sticks: Fortune Sticks and Courage Sticks. Fortune Sticks are used to enhance towers so that they have extra favorable benefits, and Courage Sticks make foes stronger but provide you with more prizes. In addition, there are Mystic Sticks, which provide a boon to your characters, and Ominous Sticks, which are less expensive than Fortune Sticks but may have unintended consequences.

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These serve the same function as the Mystic Arts we used in the Liyue edition; however, they are only active for the length of the current stage. You will acquire Mechanicus Mastery levels as you move through the stages of the game. These levels allow you to increase both the number of points you begin each round with and the level of the Fortune Sticks that are accessible to you. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know in order to defeat Theater Mechanicus 2.0.

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How to play Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus

To participate in Theater Mechanicus, you must have at least Adventure Rank 30 and the “Ritou Escape Plan” Archon Quest completed before you may do so. This event is now running and will continue to do so until August 26 at 3:59 p.m. server time.

To start the minigame, talk to Komakata in Inazuma. If you haven’t tried out Theater Mechanicus before, let me fill you in on what it’s all about: it’s a tower defense game at its core, and you can play it either by yourself or in cooperative mode with another person. Each stage is comprised of many waves of foes; foes enter the stage from the purple portal and progress through it toward the blue portal, which is their exit point if they make it all the way there without being vanquished. Each wave of foes is accompanied by a purple and blue portal.

During the scheduled building phase that occurs before each wave, you will construct structures known as Mechanici in order to prevent monsters from fleeing. You can see, indicated by a luminous trail, the routes that the oncoming wave of opponents will travel, allowing you to strategically set your towers in preparation for their arrival. To construct Mechanici, you will need Veneficus points, which may be gained by vanquishing various foes.

How To Beat Theater Mechanicus?

You will have successfully completed the level if you are able to prevent a sufficient number of monsters from fleeing, hence preventing your Terminus Integrity from falling to zero. Wondrous Talismans are rewarded to players who successfully complete missions. These talismans may be traded in at the event store for primogems, hero’s wit, talent level-up material, and mora.

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Theater Mechanicus Mechanici

You have a number of different tower options to choose from while constructing defenses against the oncoming horde of monsters. When you place towers of various sorts next to one another, strong elemental reactions will be produced. These elemental reactions are determined by the element that the tower represents.

There are some Mechanicus kinds that, during a given round, would not benefit from the boosts provided by Wondrous Sticks; you should avoid putting them down in your deck.

Can you do damage in Theater Mechanicus?

In spite of the fact that during Theater Mechanicus you won’t be able to inflict any real harm with the members of your party, you should nonetheless bring a variety of components with you. Because this mode allows you to initiate Elemental Reactions and breach shields, it relieves some of the burden that your Mechanici setup is under.

How do you do theater mechanicus stage of brilliance?

Step-by-step instructions on how to unlock the Theater Mechanicus 2.6 Rerun. If you complete the True Tales of the Violet Garden: Act 2 subquest that is part of the Legends of the Kasen event quest chain, you will be able to access the Stage of Brilliance event that is part of the Irodori Festival!

Does Theater Mechanicus give Primogems?

In Genshin Impact, the Theater Mechanicus is a periodic tower defense event in which you must prevent adversaries from entering the portal by positioning mechanici in such a way as to block their path. In Theater Mechanicus, players will be rewarded with Primogems, Mora, and Level-Up Materials if they successfully complete a task.

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