How To Beat Soda Popinski?

The moniker “Vodka Drunkenski” is given to the Russian boxer Soda Popinski in the iconic 1987 NES game “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!,” as well as in the 2009 Wii edition of “Punch-Out!!,” and in the 1985 game “Super Punchout!!,” Soda Popinski appears under the name “Punch-Out!!” in both cases. Even though Soda Popinski is a challenging opponent, it is not impossible to win against him if you are able to anticipate his next move and respond appropriately with the appropriate technique.

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Know Your Opponent

The Russian boxer made his initial appearance in the arcade game “Super Punch-Out!! ” in 1985, when he was given the name Vodka Drunkenski at that time. Although his name has been altered for the console edition of the game, he still makes references to being inebriated. For example, in the movie “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! “, he makes the comment, “I can’t drive, so I’m going to walk all over you!” As a result of the fact that he consumes soda rather than vodka, many of these allusions take on a ludicrous and humorous quality. In the version of the game for the NES, he plays for the Soviet Union, while in the version for the Wii, he plays for Russia.

Beating Soda Popinski in “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!”

In “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!,” Soda Popinski is the eighth competitor that Mike faces. To win against him, pay close attention to his moves. The left hook and uppercut are two of Soda’s most reliable attacks. To counter a left hook, you should sidestep it and follow up with punches to the face. Keep your finger on the down button on the D-pad when he crouches to deliver an uppercut. He will pause for a second, and if you have great timing, you will have the opportunity to land a body blow and get a star. In such case, you should avoid the uppercut and instead poke him in the face. You may counter Soda’s Drunken Dance combination, which consists of a succession of quick jabs, by dodging the initial attack and then landing a punch to his face. This will stun Soda.

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Beating Soda Popinski in “Punch-Out!!” for the Wii

In “Punch-Out!!,” Soda Popinski is a stern and intimidating gatekeeper. In particular, his uppercut combines tremendous damage with speed to devastating effect. You may get a star by knocking the bottle out of his hand while he is drinking, but he will reply by throwing three or four uppercuts in fast succession if you do so. Wait until his final blow before throwing your counterpunch since he is immune to harm until then. You’ll notice that he pauses for a second before throwing the last blow; this is your opportunity to jab. If you have a star available, you should wait until Soda taunts you before attempting to knock him out with a star punch. This will result in an immediate knockout. You may get a star by stabbing him while he is taunting you if you do not already have one.

Beating Soda Popinski in Title Defense Mode

During the Championship Defense Mode, Soda Popinski will resurface as a challenger once Little Mac has successfully defended his title. He has improved in both speed and strength, and his assaults now follow a different pattern. It is still possible for you to sidestep, duck, or even jab to block his hooks; but, your timing will need to be accurate. The number of times you are able to attack Soda while he is stunned will grow by one each time he is stunned by you. Maintain awareness of the quantity of punches available to you so that you may do the most feasible damage. First, throw a series of jabs, and then, as your finishing blow, utilize a hook. It ought to be possible for you to proceed with a delayed jab after that.

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How To Beat Soda Popinski?

Can you Ko Soda Popinski?

Boxers Soda Popinski, Bald Bull, King Hippo, and Bear Hugger are the only ones in Punch-Out!! that are completely bald (Wii). Because his Title Defense version in the PAL version can never be knocked out, the player is required to TKO him in order to win the match.

How do you counter a bull charge?

The only method to halt this move is to hit him just as he is about to land it (at the very end of his third leap), which will cause him to fall instead of landing his strike. Looking towards the right-hand ring corner is a simple strategy that may be used to timing this move.

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