How To Beat Fireblight Ganon?

In Zelda: Breath of the Wild, defeating Fireblight Ganon is likely to be the least difficult of all the blight forms of Ganon that you may face. You won’t have a hard time dodging its moves since they are rather simple and sluggish, and its second phase will seem like a stroll in the park by comparison. Despite the fact that its actions are likely to be sluggish, if it hits you, it may cause you to lose a significant number of hearts. The Legend of Zelda: Battle of the Gods has a boss named Fireblight Ganon. Let’s look at how to destroy him as swiftly as possible (Breath of The Wild).

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How to Beat Fireblight Ganon in Zelda BOTW

In this game, you can defeat Fireblight Ganon by stunning it to bring it to its knees, and then unleashing a barrage of attacks on it. For the first phase of the mission, it is strongly recommended that you bring a spear with you, and for the second phase, you should bring a claymore. You should make use of either Ice Arrows or Ancient Arrows for your arrows. The following are the movements that you need to keep an eye out for throughout both stages of the match.

How do you beat the second phase of Fireblight Ganon?

Fireblight During the second part of Ganon’s attack, he will primarily position himself above you and launch a single, massive fireball. If you followed the steps in our instruction that were shown above, you should now be in possession of a sufficient number of ice arrows (from treasure chests within Divine Beast Vah Rudania). The fireball may be extinguished with only one blast from them.

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What is the easiest way to beat Fireblight Ganon?

In comparison to Ganon’s earlier incarnations, Fireblight Ganon is a more skilled close-quarters combatant. He favors swinging his sword rather than firing bullets from his arsenal. The most effective strategy for defeating Fireblight Ganon is to rush up close to him, dodging or parrying his attacks as you go, and then using Flurry Attacks to finish him out.

How do I destroy Fireblight Ganon?

To do damage to him at this time, toss a Bomb rune and explode it as it makes its way around the circle while he is drawing in air in preparation for the fireball. After that, he will fall to the ground. It would be wise to capitalize on this opportunity to do some relatively light damage by accelerating and unleashing a flurry of blows.

How To Beat Fireblight Ganon?

Do bomb arrows work on Fireblight Ganon?

You are now able to fire any kind of projectile at it, including arrows, as well as just hurling anything in its direction as it is moving about the area. Even if you have no more items, you can still do damage to enemies by using explosives. Simply continue your efforts until Fireblight Ganon has been vanquished.

How many Ganons are there?

Although the Multiple Ganon Theory is not widely accepted just yet, it has won the admiration of several timeline theorists and fans of the game. This is despite the fact that it has not yet received widespread recognition. According to what Shigeru Miyamoto has said, even if there are several reincarnations of Link and Zelda, there is “only one Ganon.”

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