How To Beat 11-23 Cookie Run Kingdom?

The point in Cookie Run: Kingdom when the majority of players are unable to progress occurs on Stage 11-23, which has two challenging foes: the Wizard and the Strawberry. These two monsters are without a doubt some of the most challenging in the game, particularly considering that you have to battle against them both on the same level at the same time.

How To Beat 11-23 Cookie Run Kingdom? Source: Reddit

This guide will walk you through defeating the Wizard Boss in World 11-23 in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

The Wizard is the most difficult aspect of this task since he can quickly destroy the whole party with a single spell. Because of this, you always need to be vigilant, even if you believe you are doing well in the game. As a result, eliminating the Wizard should be your primary objective in this battle against a double boss. To be successful, you will require a number of Cookies (the Sorbet Shark Cookie or the Vampire Cookie is recommended), as well as Treasures.

Defeat the Strawberry Boss in World 11-23 of Cookie Run: Kingdom with these helpful hints!

When the Wizard is defeated, it will be time to concentrate on Strawberry. Even though he has the same adorable appearance as the majority of the game’s foes, this monster is capable of doing significant damage; nevertheless, unlike the Wizard, he cannot kill you in a single blow. Because he is a boss of the defensive kind, his blows may not be the most powerful, but he will be able to endure a significant number of your assaults. The Summoners, who have the ability to create creatures that can act as a defense barrier against assaults, are the ideal answer to this problem. When the boss swings its Lollipop weapon, immediately call forth the living wall to deflect the strike. Cookies that are particularly helpful in this context are the Pumpkin Pie Cookie, the Cotton Cookie, and the Licorice Cookie.

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Best Team to Use for Stage 11-23 of Cookie Run: Kingdom

The Sorbet Shark Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, and Hollyberry Cookie cookies make up the most effective squad for you to bring into this battle. Hollyberry is perfect for protecting your team, while Sorbet and Vampire do the most damage, and the rest of the party should concentrate on healing since these two monsters can deliver a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time.

If you follow these tips, one of the game’s most difficult levels should be significantly less difficult for you to complete. However, if you want to get even better results, feel free to adapt this technique with your own ideas and strategies.

What cookies should I use for episode 11?

Dark Choco Cookie is the most effective pick for this conflict since his ability enables him to undermine the defenses of the adversary, so shortening the duration of the conflict. The Licorice Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, and Cotton Cookie are the cookies that should be used with the summoners.

Who is the best healer in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the greatest healer in Cookie Run Kingdom is the Ancient Cookie because of how powerful they are. If you want him to function to his greatest potential, you won’t be able to make use of him until much later in the game since he needs you to have a complete comprehension of the makeup of your party.

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Is snow sugar cookie A boy?

When the costume was originally made available, the Aurora Cloak for Snow Sugar Cookie incorrectly referred to Snow Sugar Cookie as a male character. This error was swiftly corrected to use neutral pronouns within a day of the outfit’s introduction.

How To Beat 11-23 Cookie Run Kingdom?

Are Vampire cookies good?

When going up against the more powerful bosses in Cookie Run Kingdom, having an ally like Vampire Cookie is a huge help. His assault does significant damage only to the foe who is the farthest away from him. If it is merely a boss, however, the boss will be targeted, it will take damage, and then the Vampire Cookie will recover from the damage it has taken.

Are dark chocolate cookies good?

Dark Choco Cookie, who used to be the prince, is presently one of the most powerful Charge cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and he’ll be fighting beside you on the frontline. This ability not only does area-of-effect damage, but it also decreases the defense of foes that it hurts. Because of this, it is the ideal ability to use before any other abilities that inflict damage.

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