How To Beat 10-31 Cookie Run Kingdom?

Cookie Run: Kingdom is now one of the most well-known and widely played free-to-play mobile games in the history of the video game industry. If you play through this game and gather enough Cookies, you will have the opportunity to put together a team. It will be necessary for you and your squad to finish a variety of various stages, and stage 10-31 looks to be one of the most challenging ones. In Cookie Run: Kingdom, this guide will provide you with some helpful hints on how to go through levels 10-31.

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How to Beat 10-31 in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Stage 10-31 is widely considered to be one of the game’s most challenging stages. There will be a few formidable foes that, if your team is leveled up, should not provide too much of a challenge for you. However, the most difficult challenge will come in the form of an adversary who you will face at the conclusion of this round. If you want to defeat this monster, which is considered to be one of the most challenging in the game, you will need to put together the right kind of squad.

The most difficult challenge of the level 10-31 boss is managing your time. You have the ability to assemble a meta team that is resilient to a significant amount of damage and effective against all adversaries. On the other hand, you only have three minutes to complete this level, and a standard meta team that focuses on tanky cookies won’t be able to do it in time if you use them. Therefore, you will need to put together a group that is capable of doing a respectable amount of damage to a one target before you can proceed.

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The first step that we suggest you do is to choose a powerful damage dealer to play the role of your tank. Dark Choco Cookie is a strong contender for this role since he is able to inflict significant damage on the opponent while also lowering their defense. In addition to it, you need to carry a healer with you, such as Herb Cookie or Pure Vanilla Cookie. Characters who are able to deliver a significant amount of damage to a single target on their own, such as Rye Cookie and Vampire Cookie, should be used in order to eliminate the boss as quickly as possible. When deciding which Cookies you want to include in your squad, of course you have a lot of possibilities to select from; however, all you need to do is keep in mind the aforementioned guidelines.

Is there pity in cookie run?

There is a “pity” guarantee mechanism in place for the Cookie Gacha, which ensures that players will get one Cookie of any rarity once every 10 draws. When it comes to Epic Cookies, you are assured to get one Epic Cookie for every one hundred draws. In a manner similar to this, players of Legendary or Ancient Gachas may get one of these items after completing 250 draws.

Who is the best healer in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the greatest healer in Cookie Run Kingdom is the Ancient Cookie because of how powerful they are. If you want him to function to his greatest potential, you won’t be able to make use of him until much later in the game since he needs you to have a complete comprehension of the makeup of your party.

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Are Vampire cookies good?

When going up against the more powerful bosses in Cookie Run Kingdom, having an ally like Vampire Cookie is a huge help. His assault does significant damage only to the foe who is the farthest away from him. If it is merely a boss, however, the boss will be targeted, it will take damage, and then the Vampire Cookie will recover from the damage it has taken.

What does dark mode do in cookie run?

The Star system in Dark Mode operates in the same fashion as that of Story Mode, with the exception that the final Crystal prize for earning all Stars in an Episode is substituted with a particular Cookie’s Soulstone (s).

How To Beat 10-31 Cookie Run Kingdom?

Who is the best magic in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

The Frost Queen Cookie is widely regarded as the game’s most powerful Cookie at the present time. The fact that she is of the Legendary kind in addition to having an effect that causes the target to be stunned and many waves of harm has made her the most desirable cookie.

Is Princess Cookie a child?

Due to the fact that both individuals can be shown to have been newborns at the same moment in time, the possibility of their being twins cannot be ruled out. According to concept art revealed in the Kingdom artbook, Tiger Lily Cookie and Princess Cookie’s cousin, Hollyberry Cookie, was also a member of the Cookie family.

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