How To Be A Singer In Bitlife?

Because of the recent update to the music in BitLife, your character now has the potential to become a renowned singer if they put in enough work. The steps are quite similar to those involved in becoming a successful musician. You will, however, need to direct your attention into taking voice training and strengthening your singing abilities rather than concentrating on how to play an instrument. In this tutorial, you will learn all you need to know to make it big as a singer in BitLife.

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How to increase your voice skill

If you want to have a successful career as a singer, you should work on improving your voice. You may do this by navigating to the Activities tab and selecting one of the Mind & Body choices from the drop-down menu. Your character will have the option to participate in voice training when they reach the bottom of the screen. Even though you may start teaching your character an instrument when they are just six years old, you will have to wait until they are eight years old before you can teach them more advanced skills.

You will want to participate in them whenever you have the opportunity during the year since you will be able to see your character’s vocal talent improve. After three classes spread out over the course of a year, we were able to see positive outcomes. Before your character reaches the age of 18, it should be one of your primary priorities to fully or almost fully master the voice skill. When students reach the age of 18, they will be required to begin paying for the classes on their own.

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How to become a famous singer

When your character reaches the age of 18, you may give them the opportunity to pursue a career in music by selecting the Occupation tab and then going to the Special Careers section. You have the goal of having your character launch a solo career and be signed with a record label. They also have the option of attempting to sing in a band, albeit this career path will likely not result in as much financial success for them.

Your persona will have transitioned into the world of professional singing by the time the record company makes its decision about whether or not to sign you. In order to achieve success as a singer, you will need to put in the effort to record albums, broaden your fan base, hone your abilities, release singles, go on tour, and attend live performances.

How To Be A Singer In Bitlife?

Before you agree to sign with a record company, you should make sure you give careful consideration to the musical style under which the label wishes to release your music. Some of genres are superior to others, such as pop and rap, which have some of the most profitable occupations in BitLife. Others, on the other hand, are not as good.

How many voice lessons do you need BitLife?

You will need to take voice lessons as soon as they become available in Bitlife and practice them at least once or four times per year. Doing so will allow you to improve your vocal abilities and practice them. By continuing to do so, your voice skill will gradually increase until it reaches the green zone, at which point you will be regarded highly skilled.

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Can I become a musician at 17?

It makes no difference what age you are when you first start playing the game. Also, don’t simply study classical pieces; branch out and learn some folk songs and pop melodies as well! Diversify your repertoire! I most certainly will do so! I’d want to become better at jazz, but I’m more interested in learning popular music, and more specifically Coldplay since they are my favorite band of all time.

How do I become a Korean singer in BitLife?

To be more precise, players need to access the Special Careers area of the Jobs menu and then pick Musician from the list of available jobs there. The next step for fans is to choose Solo, change the career type to Singer, and then audition for one of the three record companies that are shown.

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