How To Apply Thompson Water Seal?

To use a sprayer to apply Thompson’s water seal, first clean the surface using Thompson’s water seal heavy-duty deck stain remover. Next, fill the sprayer with Thompson’s water seal.

Allow the area to be cleaned by the cleanser to soak for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, scrub it with a synthetic brush with dense bristles and finish by rinsing it with a garden hose.

After waiting around three to four hours for the wood to finish drying, spray your Thompson’s waterproofing sealer over the whole of the deck. When you are finished, you must wait roughly 24 hours for the sealer to cure before you can use it.

Having said that, the following is a comprehensive rundown of the procedures to complete and the materials that are required for this task.

Choosing a Sprayer for Water Sealer

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It is up to the user to decide what kind of sprayer or brand they want to employ for this particular task. You should be able to use any sprayer that is capable of completing the task at hand. This may be anything like a deck stain pump sprayer or a garden pump sprayer with a hose, for instance.

When applying their goods, however, the producer of Thompson’s water seal suggests using the use of a plastic sprayer fitted with a brass wand attachment.

Therefore, selecting a sprayer will always come down to a matter of personal choice; nevertheless, if you want better results, you should bear this manufacturer’s advice in mind.

The sprayer should be thoroughly cleaned after each and every use, since this is the most crucial step. First, put some mineral spirits through the sprayer, and then after that, run some clean water through it.

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What do you use to apply Thompson’s water Seal?

You may apply it using a brush, a roller, or a pump-up sprayer (with a coarse setting), although the pump-up sprayer is the quickest method. Other application methods include rolling it on and brushing it on. You ought to apply a generous amount. Applying a second layer, softly brushing with a broom, and then rinsing off with water should be done in areas that have excessive discolouration or filth.

Can you apply Thompson’s water Seal with a sprayer?

It was advised by the Thompson Water Seal maker that their product be used with a plastic sprayer that had a brass wand, such as the Chapin Premier sprayer that we sell. There is no need for fear about any of the seals inside of it being eroded by it.

Why is my Thompson Water Seal sticky?

If the temperature is too low, the Thompson water seal layer that you have on will just remain in place and will not dry as it should. Above 50 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal drying temperature for the sealant. If the thermometer units drop below this level when the application is being done or shortly thereafter, the deck may remain sticky for more than twenty-four hours.

Can you apply two coats of Thompson’s water seal?

The Thompson’s WaterSeal products normally only need one application, but if you want the wood to be even darker, you may apply a second layer of stain over the first one. You are required to wait for the first coat to dry, which usually takes approximately two hours, and then apply the second coat no more than four hours after the first coat has been applied.

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How to Apply Thompson’s Water Seal with Sprayer

Can Thompson Water Seal go over stain?

Yes, it is possible to use Thompson water sealant over stained wood, regardless of the kind of stain used (oil- or water-based). However, proper surface preparation is essential. It is OK to apply sealer if the stain has totally dried and cured; however, if there is still any moisture present, putting the water seal over the stain can pose some issues.

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