How To Appear Offline On Valorant?

Even though the experience in tactical shooters like Riot Games’ FPS VALORANT is generally better when you play with friends, there are times when you just want to play alone and avoid having to queue with that one friend who isn’t particularly good at playing. This is especially true if you have to play with a friend who isn’t particularly good at playing.

How To Appear Offline On Valorant? Source: Voltreach

The designers of VALORANT, however, did not make it simple for players to pretend that they are not online while playing the game. While you are playing the game, there is no option for you to choose that would allow you to change your online status to offline. In the event that you are feeling frustrated, there is a solution that can be found in the outside world for this problem.

How to Be Invisible to Friends in Valorant

It is not possible to conceal your online status from friends using any formal means. However, if you utilize a piece of third-party software called Deceive, you may give the impression that you are offline while playing Valorant. You are able to fool your pals into thinking that you are not online and playing games by giving off the impression that you are invisible. Additionally, it would seem that Riot has “approved” the usage of this program, which means that you will not be banned for using it in any capacity. However, they may decide to restrict the usage of Deceive in the near future. If this occurs, you will need to ensure that the version of Deceive that you have is compatible with Valorant.

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How does Deceive work to Show as Offline in Valorant?

Deceive causes your connection to Riot’s chat server to be severed, which is the effect that it has. To pals who may want to play a game with you but you’re not in the mood, you can give the impression that you’re not online by using this function. Do you want to learn how to put it together? Please proceed in the manner outlined below.

How to Go Back Online

Here’s how to proceed in the event that the buddy to whom you were attempting to remain invisible has now gone offline and you now wish to display your current status as being online:

  • Use the context menu to choose Deceive, and then select Offline from the menu that appears.
  • Launching Valorant in this way will also make you visible to other players online.

Your friends will not be able to see you if you choose to use this method to make it look that you are offline in the game Valorant. While you’re here, make sure you check out these cheat codes for Valorant as well.

Can you show up offline in Valorant?

The answer to your question is yes, there is a method to retain your status “offline” while playing Valorant; however, the technique is not as simple as you would first believe it to be. You will need to download a piece of third-party software known as Deceive in order to play Valorant anonymously.

How To Appear Offline On Valorant?

Using this tool, you will be able to log in to Valorant while giving the impression that you are offline. Keep in mind that the use of any third-party software may result in suspensions even if it doesn’t officially impair your gameplay; nonetheless, the danger of using Deceive is rather low in the experiences of the vast majority of individuals.

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How to use Deceive to hide from friends in Valorant?

Deceive is an open-source application that gives users the ability to conceal their online status when playing games like as League of Legends and Valorant. It notifies the user’s friends that the user is currently not online.

The program will create a barrier between the user and the Valorant chat servers, which will result in the user seeming offline or invisible inside the game.

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