How To Adjust Sprinklers Heads?

One of a garden’s most striking characteristics is a lovely lawn. But if the grass is not receiving enough water or if all of the water is splashing onto the sidewalk, merely turning on the sprinkler system won’t help.

So what can you do to ensure that the grass receives enough water to grow well?

To achieve a uniform sprinkler spray, one method is to adjust your sprinkler heads. Thankfully, altering sprinkler heads is a simple process.

Why Adjust Sprinkler Heads?

The frequency of watering your lawn varies. One reason is that an area of your yard exposed to direct sunshine will require more water than an area that is shaded. In addition, some areas of the yard could not drain as well as others, meaning that those areas will require less water.

To guarantee that the right amount of water is applied to all the various parts of the grass, sprinkler heads must be adjusted.

As the weather changes, you might also need to frequently adjust the head to make sure the water spray pattern sufficiently covers your lawn.

Adjusting Your Sprinkler Heads

Step #1: Identify the Sprinkler Type

Identifying the sprinkler types in your system is the first step in changing the sprinkler heads. Different sprinkler heads will require different adjustments.

Sprinkler heads come in three different categories:

  • Rotors driven by gears
  • Sprinklers that pop up
  • Sprinklers with multiple or impact paths

Step #2: Assess Your Lawn’s Watering Needs

Determine which regions of your lawn require different watering schedules. Watch out for areas with grass that appears to be dying or brown. The patches of grass that are browner will require a stronger stream of water.

Additionally, look for any regions that appear to be wet or swampy because those will need less water.

Step #3: Get the Right Tools

Rain Bird – ROTORTOOL – Rotor Adjustment Tool

It is time to locate the necessary tools once you have identified the sprinkler kinds in your yard.

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Depending on the spray head, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Tool for rotor nozzle adjustment
  • screwdriver with slots
  • screwdriver for rotors
  • A hex key

Pro As a general rule, manufacturers sell the adjustment tools that are most effective for their own sprinkler heads. Get a Hunter adjustment tool, for instance, if your sprinkler system was made by Hunter. The same holds true for changing a Rain Bird irrigation system.

How To Adjust Sprinklers Heads? #2
Hunter – 172000 – Rotor Adjustment Tool, Fits All Hunter Rotors

Get the right sprinkler adjustment tools by going to the Sprinkler Supply Store.

Step #4: Start Adjusting Your Sprinkler Heads

You are now prepared to begin adjusting your sprinkler heads because you have everything you need. Here is how to adjust each type of sprinkler head in detail.

Rotor Sprinkler Head Adjustment

How To Adjust Sprinklers Heads? #3
Hunter – I2504 – I-25 4 in. Pop-up Rotor; with Check Valve

As you stand behind the rotor you want to alter, turn on your irrigation system.

To avoid getting wounded by the water pressure when it first comes out, make sure you are behind the sprinkler and are not looking straight at it.

To finish any cycle the rotor might be performing, completely turn the spray head of the rotor to the left.

Note: To find the “correct stopping point,” press down on the top of the head and fully swivel it to the right until the spraying stops. Do not attempt to advance the rotor past this stage. Ideally, the nozzle is now oriented far to the right.

On the top of the rotor, locate the “plus” and “minus” signs. Next to those marks, there is a little keyhole.

Take the rotor adjustment tool now, and insert the key end (the tool’s plastic side) into the rotor’s keyhole.

How To Adjust Sprinklers Heads? #4
While turning the key, keep the head in the “right stop” position.

While turning the key, keep the head in the “right stop” position. Turning the key to the left will lengthen the arc. Turn the key to the right if you want to shorten the arc.

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Remove the adjustment key from the opening once you’re happy.

Check to see that you have the proper arc adjustment and spray distance by allowing the sprinkler head to revolve and watching the water flow.

Repeat the procedure until the water arc and spray radius are precisely adjusted to your lawn’s requirements.
The same procedure applies to all Hunter and Rain Bird rotors. However, as opposed to the fixed right stop noted above, some Toro rotors feature a fixed left-hand stop.

Pro-Tip: Combine your adjustment tool with a nozzle insertion collar (seen below). To make working on the nozzles easier for you, the collar holds the spring-loaded head.

How To Adjust Sprinklers Heads? #5
Hunter – 123200 – Nozzle Insertion Collar, Hold-Up Tool

Here is a short movie that walks you through the process.

How To Adjust Sprinklers Heads?

Pop-Up Sprinkler Head Adjustment

How To Adjust Sprinklers Heads? #6
Hunter – 10-F – Pro-Spray Fixed Arc Nozzle – 10′ Radius – 360 Degrees

You must first examine the sort of spray nozzle on the head. You can’t change a spray nozzle that is fixed. For instance, it is impossible to alter the spray pattern of an 8-foot quarter-pattern nozzle.

The only way to change the arc of a sprinkler head with a fixed nozzle is to replace the nozzle. Find the fixed arc nozzle that best matches your lawn by browsing Sprinkler Supply Store’s extensive selection.

However, if you have a variable arc spray nozzle, proceed to step two.

Change the arc’s pattern. A little screw can be found at the nozzle’s top. To alter the radius of the nozzle opening, spin the screw with a flat-headed screwdriver.

How To Adjust Sprinklers Heads? #7
By adjusting the stem to cover the required spray distance, you can choose the arc position.

By adjusting the stem to cover the required spray distance, you can choose the arc position.

How To Adjust Sprinklers Heads? #8
Impact Sprinkler Head Adjustment

Impact Sprinkler Head Adjustment

How To Adjust Sprinklers Heads? #9
Orbit – 56470 – Plastic Impact Sprinkler

Impact sprinklers often just need a small amount of adjustment to the spray and arc. Impact heads can be adjusted in a single step. To expand or decrease the arc, all you have to do is rotate the head.

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If you want to widen the arc, turn the head in a clockwise direction; otherwise, turn it counterclockwise. For a firmer hold on the nozzle, use an adjustment ring (as shown in the illustration below).

How To Adjust Sprinklers Heads? #10
Hunter – MPTOOL – MP Rotator Adjustment Tool

Tips on How to Adjust Sprinkler Heads

While you adjust the spray and arc, keep the water on. This will enable you to check that the sprinklers are set according to your requirements without having to repeatedly start and stop the water flow. Some sprinklers are only able to be changed in action.

For complete coverage, it’s also crucial to make sure that each irrigation head sprays past the subsequent one in every direction.

Contact the Sprinkler Supply Store team if you require any assistance.

You can get in touch with Sprinkler Supply Store as well to purchase your supplies and new heads. In our warehouse, we have over 7,000 parts on hand. If you’re still unable to find what you need, we’ll place a custom order for you.

Just as we have done for the thousands of other clients who have put their trust in us, our aim is to provide you with only the greatest service.

Do you need a special tool to adjust sprinkler heads?

Flathead screwdrivers can be used to adjust some sprinkler heads, while rotor and adjustment tools are needed for others. It usually only takes a few turns of a screwdriver or other properly made tool to adjust a sprinkler head.

What are the different types of sprinkler heads?

Spray irrigation heads, spray rotary sprinkler heads, bubbler irrigation heads, and drip or soaker systems are the three main types of sprinkler heads. Your plants will receive the precise amount of water that each sprinkler head is designed to provide.

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