How To Add Image Occlusion Anki?

Is there anything more to Anki outside the standard flashcards? This cannot possibly be correct. In this article, I’ll demonstrate a feature that enables you to make cards that are highly successful in their intended purpose. You are able to conceal and reveal certain parts of photographs by using the Image Occlusion add-on that is available for Anki. Continue reading for an easy-to-follow walkthrough on how to make use of it.

How To Add Image Occlusion Anki? Source: AnKiWeb

What is Image Occlusion?

The well-known Anki developer Gluatinimate has developed an add-on called Image Occlusion Enhanced that allows you to build cards that hide sections of pictures in order to test your understanding of the information that is concealed. Therefore, with the help of the add-on, you will be able to generate cloze sentences on photos and learn them.

How it works

The card editor receives one more choice as a result of the add-on. When you choose it with your mouse, you will go straight into edit mode. In this section, you will have the ability to submit photographs, cover various regions, and automatically generate several playing cards.

When is Image Occlusion most beneficial?

In its most basic form, the characteristic is applicable to a wide variety of fields. Whether it be the many mathematical formulae, languages, biological processes, or chemical reactions. Everywhere you go, you have the ability to conceal specific aspects in order to query them.

How To Add Image Occlusion Anki?

However, medical research, and more specifically anatomy research, is where image occlusion is likely to shine brightest in terms of its use. It is quite difficult to retain all of the information on the anatomy of the human (or animal, in the case of veterinary medicine) body.

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How to Create Anki Cards with Image Occlusion?

After you have downloaded the add-on and restarted Anki, a new option will be added to the card editing interface. This option will typically be located to the far right of the screen.

You may access it in either of two ways: either by choosing a card in the browser or by pressing the “Add” button on the home screen. When you click on the icon, the Image Occlusion editing mode will open up for you to use.

Why is my image occlusion Anki not working?

In order to temporarily deactivate the add-ons you have installed, please launch Anki while holding down the shift key. If the problem appears only while add-ons are active, please use the Tools > Add-ons menu item to deactivate some of the add-ons and then restart Anki. Continue this process until you find the add-on that is causing the issue and remove it.

What is image occlusion?

To put it another way, occlusion is the phenomenon that happens in a picture when one item conceals a portion of another object. The location of the camera in relation to the scene determines whether parts of the scene are hidden from view.

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