How To Add Birthday Field To Hubspot?

Since HubSpot’s birthday property for contacts is a text field rather than a date field, it cannot be utilized effectively in Workflows or any of the other tools in the platform. On the other hand, you have the ability to generate a bespoke date property and use it wherever you want inside the system.

How To Add Birthday Field To Hubspot? Source: Venture Beat Blog

You will discover a step-by-step instruction in this post that will walk you through the process of operating with a date-centric Birthday property in HubSpot.

Property in HubSpot that displays a contact’s birthday and their age automatically

How to Add a Birthday Field to Hubspot – Would you want to be able to sort your contact list on HubSpot based on their age? Do you want to be able to automate parts of your process depending on when someone’s birthday is coming up? A complimentary anniversary gift is provided by Venture Beat Blog, and HubSpot users may take advantage of automated contact age integration.

Why we decided to construct a whole new HubSpot integration

The question of “how do we select age categories for our younger players” was posed by one of our customers who operates a rugby academy (yep, we are located in New Zealand). “Ummm. I responded with, “I don’t know, but I’ll know.” Nevertheless, a short check on HubSpot showed that there are tools to automate depending on yearly events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. How does HubSpot know when your next birthday is and how to begin celebrating it? And how exactly do we determine the age of the first contact? To put it simply, no. So.

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When Kiwi tells us that there is nothing more that can be done with HubSpot, we form strategic collaborations to turn the impossible become a reality.

So why did we add new stuff for date of birth when there’s already one in HubSpot?

The HubSpot property’s avoidance date of birth is a real text field, not a date field filled with ad integration like the other fields in the property. Because of this, the data obtained from a text box cannot be modified or calculated with accuracy.

Because CRM now has a new date field, the date may be set using the date selection tool rather of the old date field. Or, even better, you could add a field for the contact’s date of birth to the HubSpot form so that it is public. This would allow your contacts to publish their date of birth.

Workflows that are determined by birthdays

Joe Girard, the most successful automobile dealer in the United States, attributes the company’s success to the practice of delivering handmade birthday cards to each and every client on an annual basis (as well as on other holidays). It may seem corny right now, but have you really given it a shot?

You have the ability to build automation in Marketing Pro, Sales Pro, or Service Hub Pro (depending on your settings), and the trigger for this automation might be the upcoming anniversary of your contact. You are required to create a new workflow with characteristics that are sorted by date.

How To Add Birthday Field To Hubspot?

Workflows based on Contact Age

You are able to modify the working methods to accommodate the age of the person you are working with. For instance, when the communication reaches a specific age, send out a special offer to the recipients.

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