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Why should you start with BillwildforCongress? Because we put our hearts and souls into providing you with the most useful how-to instructions on the Internet. Most publications rely on a single lonely author to churn out an article and call it excellent. In comparison, the typical Billwildforcongress article has had 23 people edit it and 16 people review it.

We’re not done yet. We’re always working to improve what you see on Billwildforcongress.com. We keep track of the comments readers write on each story. We rewrite articles that are correct but unintelligible.

About billwildforcongress
About billwildforcongress

We rewrite our graphics if they do not simplify the difficult. In fact, the typical BillwildforCongress article is updated nine times a year. Even when people applaud a piece, we look for ways to improve it. We don’t stop.

As you can see, BillwildforCongress is not the product of a single individual. It is the result of several people working together. Thousands of volunteers, the web’s biggest team of illustrators, hundreds of photographers, and over 100 certified professionals are constantly updating and rewriting articles to make them the most useful and trustworthy how-to instructions available.

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